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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

We Malaysian lar....

It's funny how I can actually get away with eating in public during fasting month, not that I've done it yet, but the fact that it's banned, is tempting me to try the deed and see if I can get away with it. I've never tried necking in the public park yet, don't want to risk getting married for the wrong reasons when the JAIS fellas nab me...perhaps when I want to con someone into marriage (of which is pointless, especially Malay men, because Malay women tend to be at the loosing side once married to Malay men..they may con you with a second, third and fourth wife...)..I may resort to that ploy. Funny how the JAIS fellas are there when couples hold hand, yet when you need them to testify against rape case, they are never around, it is impossible to get the four witnesses..

In Iran, a woman was hanged apparently, for killing her rapist in effort to save herself from being raped. The reason given was that she had failed to come up with the four witnesses of the rape. I know. Makes you wonder if the criterion to govern Islam is myopia, or self induce non congenital mental retardation. Oh, but that is another story. Check out the story, one of many;
Iran to hang teenage girl attacked by rapists

Back to the topic. Why am I able to get away with all the stunts mentioned? Simply because, even though I am a Malay, I look like Chinese. (Or for those who need lens correction, I look like Angelina Jolie....severe lens correction..). No, I'm not a swapped baby in the hospital. My sister looks like me, except she's leaning more towards the Indian version of me feature wise, and, exact same voice. (We had fun fooling each others' boyfriends back then. It's wonderful, like having a voice twin !!). So, no, I am not a swapped baby.

My first boyfriend was Indian. We use to go out for lunch with another couple. Vincent is a Baba while his girlfriend, now wife, is Eleanor. Vincent, looks like a Malay, can't speak a word of Chinese. It's cute seeing him, and another Baba, Phang, who looks like Chinese in a conversation. Two China men speaking in Bahasa Malaysia, even throw Malay expletives at each other occasionally !!! Eleanor's full name is Eleanor Ratnam. She is Chinese adopted by, obviously Ratnam is Indian. All four of us would confuse the waiter. I am Malay, but look like Chinese. My ex boyfriend is Indian Muslim who can speak three languages (Broken Bahasa Malaysia, Broken Urdhu, and good English). Eleanor looks like Chinese but is all Indian in gist. Vincent is, having the best of both worlds. The only bummer is that he really can't leave home without his IC, especially when he was dating, because the authority will insist he's anything but a Malay. We use to crack dirty jokes at lunch time, in English..

Then I remember an incident during at the dinner table in a restaurant, where I noticed an adorable looking English couple, around their 60s probably, were throwing curious glances at our table. I was having dinner with my whole family. It must be a tourist sight for them.

My mom looks English, although she's not. She's the fourth generation descendant of Yemeni with a mixture of Malay and Sarawakian Iban along the way. My dad is also fourth generation Yemeni mixed with Malay and looks Malay, full stop.

My youngest sister, looks like an Indian version of me, feature wise, but have a Malay complexion. My brother in law looks exactly like a Chinese even the Chinese would greet him "sek fan?". That is because he is half Chinese. His mom is a Chinese adopted by Malay family, although she looks Japanese. She's married to a Malay with a splash of Indian blood. I guess the Indian gene is recessive because all of their kids looks somewhere between Chinese and Japanese.

My sister looks like she can't decide between lookinf like a Sarawakian or a Malay. Their kids look like malay-chinese-Baba running back and forth depending on which developmental month they were in.

My brother looks like a male version of my mom, but has my dad's skin color. His wife is Malay and looks malay. Their kids look somewhere between English and Malay. My Husband is a Punjabi and look like Ajay Devgan (really, I'm not joking..). Of course you already know how I look like. Needless to say, my daughter looks Chindian/Cibhai (chinese mix with punjabi) ...hey, a chinese/punjabi mix friend of mine gave me this abreviation...

The elderly English couple must have felt amazed at the noisy table full of colors that could make up a few shades of the Pahang Flag. But that is how it is. If there's anything amazing about visit Malaysia Year theme, "Amazingly Malaysia!!", is the amazing capability of multicultures to come together as a family at our dinner tables, or living harmoniously as a nation. The famous "sikap toleransi"( tolerance) however, is basically the rakyat's sentiment reserved for the government that run it.............

I leave you with this brilliant video...


Taxy Driver said...

Hmmm... I used to be a Japanese looking Chinese, but now the doctor tells me I just have lazy eyes, or one lazy eye. I married a Chindian who refuses to acknowledge his Indian heritage because his Indian father was adopted and raised a Chinese. My brother's married to a real Japanese and he looks like those overly-tanned Hongkies who don't really pass as Chinese looking if he were here. He's not. Here, I mean. He's in the States, where there are so many other shades to confuse those whites into wondering if he's Siamese or Nepalese.

Amazingly, they (the white Americans) stormed into his dorm one night right after September 11th demanding to know if he's a Muslim extremist. Why the heck? Because they know he was from a muslim country called Malaysia. And I suspect that was all they knew about our country.

My daughters look like they are half euro-ish-chinese and half malayish-indian. The tops, meaning faces, are fair and bottom, meaning everywhere else, are dark. That takes after my side of the family, not his, surprisingly.

There are some Thai, Cambodian, Polish, Kiwi and Kenyan blood trickling all over my huge family tree, which might just hang Blogger if I go into right now.

As my history texts taught me back in school, the Malacca empire expanded because it was smack in the middle of eastern and western trading routes. It still it, except that Singapore's putting us to shame with their 4 day port turnaround time. Where am I going with this comment, I have no clue because I've lost my train of thought. Sorry. Great conversation piece though.

pah nur said...'s okay to digress and let that train of tots go haywire..we can't do that at our daily job, so lets do it in the blog...

Wow..your kids must be really good looking. I know coz mine's a chibhai and I may need to keep a shot gun in the house pretty soon.

It's amazing that you still remember some boring history of Malaya...the only thing that still lives on in my brain is the bewilderment of "why the hell people think Hang Tuah is so great?"..I mean loyalty to the unjust king just because he was a king may be the in thing back then, but right now, I'm thinking Hang Tuah is just plain dumb...I will never kill my best friend for a tax sucker non functioning if not malfunctioning being called the King just out of loyalty. I would however, kill the king and become King and make Jebat my THAT is what I call HUMAN EVOLUTION (of the brain)