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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The true meaning to the abreviation ISA

Nope..not Isa anak Maryam that we are talking here. It's the ISA, internal security act, a Malaysia Boleh version...

I am referring to the detention of RPK for the two pieces of writing "I promise to be a good non-hypocritical muslim" and "Not all Arabs are descendents of the Prophet"..

After reading the two pieces, I came up with a new term of ISA. It's Imbecilic Signature of Auta-rity".

It's the only way to explain the detention of RPK after reading the articles that sent him there.

The irony though, is that Dato' Ahmad Ismail is not charged for sedition, after coming up with such a racist remark. By definition SEDITION is " incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority". So since BN is the opposition party in Penang, technically, Ahmad Ismail should be charged with sedition. How come he only got away with 3years suspension and RPK got the ISA?

I think it's his article on RosJib ( well, it's very Hollywood to call them branjelina etc), implicating Najib and Rosmah's involvement in that Mongolia telenovela that got him in the hot soup.

Question: Why shove someone away indefinitely if you can prove BEYOND REASONABLE AND UNREASONABLE DOUBT (hey, this is Malaysian judiciary system we're talking about) that you are innocent? Oh..I forgot, the judiciary system is in hot soup right now...short of resources...

Well, I think it is high time we practice some morality in our lives. We should start by learning to respect the basic human rights. We'll see where this telenovela will end up....we'll see...

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