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Saturday, 27 September 2008

US Presidential Debate, Round One

Here's the presidential debate, that was responsible for my delay in turning up for work this morning...I know, one thing for sure, I will never skip work to see our local politician talk.



Taxy Driver said...

They are changing President and have candidates able to articulate and have proper but legitimate opposing policies on foreign relations as well as steps to tackle the financial crisis.

We have the same government... changing portfolios from one under-qualified Minister to another (and I'm being kind with those resumes). Foreign policy is "don't butt in our Malaysianised way of doing things". Steps to tackle the rocketing prices of goods is to tell people to plant their own vegetables.... there is NOTHING left to debate. Rakyat's collective brains shortcircuited from those "policies".

pah nur said...

Oh gosh...tell me about the Malaysian government. Honestly, it should be called Govern???ment...take note of the three question marks...why three? dunno...reminds me of three stooges and tiga abdul..

I blame it on the substandard education system. It's like the government chose not to upgrade the system. Don't let me start about the muhibbah topic...the politicians are there because of their race, they have to stay in power by being "racial but cooperative"..(what do you call a person who takes care of the well being of their own race?..exactly). so they need to make the rakyat scared and stick by their race-party as that's the only way they can stay in power...otherwise, who the hell is going to elect them?
Partly, if i may blabber my conspiracy theory, they could not care less creating a new smart, articulated generation in fear of being outsmart later by that generation...make sure everyone just have enough education to be able to read the malaysian road signs, which by the way does not serve the purpose of learning how to read, and let only a few excel...namely from their circle..

It's IRRITATING...and causing me this duedenal ulcer....