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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Get the rapists you morons.....

In this age and time, when mother nature is seeking vengeance via green house effect, rendering a Smart Tunnel not smart enough to remain open during the mere threat of a flash flood, reports in the newspapers regarding women being raped hardly raises many eyebrows anymore. Sure she was discovered hanged from a tree with only her briefs before being raped and murdered, but hey, that's part of life right?

Well, it is this kind of thinking (although I beg to differ,one can't possibly be thinking when they say such things),of treating a rape case as though it is a norm is what makes this crime subsist, and become one of the oldest crime committed. What's the oldest crime then, you asked me? I can't say prostitution, as in some parts of the world, prostitution seem to have been legalized, ergo you can't call an act of crime. Besides, at the rate of the economy slowdown, it may be worthwhile to look into imposing tax unto the sex workers to generate revenue and enhance the existing eco-no-money ( I'm quite sure they make more money than say, our local doctors working in the government sector, not to mention having more sex a day what a doctor gets in a year. No, it's a mis-presentation that mini series Gray's Anatomy, I hope no children pick doctor as their career of choice blinded by these illusions. The only version of Dr Mc Dreamies are the persistently droopy eyed, sleep deprived ,malnourished, underpaid overworked least interested in sex looking male doctors who sometimes may look like their drug addict patients themselves....).

And if someone were to disagree saying tax money from sex workers is "haram money", tell them that taxpayers get screwed all the time, and we pay through our asses whether the service be with or without a smile, stop using the infrastructures then. Besides, I think prostitutes, shoving aside the ethical and moral aspect of it, are unquestionably smarter than the random fornicators and adulterers. To put one at risk for STDs via sexual intercourse, and the risk of breaking up a marriage, one might as well make money out of it, rather than philandering for free.

Furthermore, in Islam, if proven to be fornicators, you get the cane anyway, whether you charge for that sex or otherwise. You'd probably need the extra cash to pay up for the ever rising cost of hospitalization after the caning. In some parts of the world (although it is hard to believe that they are part of the world), stoning fornicators to death is the punishment, which is a bit weird since Allah (I'm Muslim, I get to flaunt the "A" word, hah!!), although allow Qisas (eye for an eye),however, encourages forgiveness. Why would Allah who encourages humans to preserve life that He considers as sacred, by encouraging forgiveness towards a murderer by the family's victim, refuse to portray the same degree of forgiveness towards adulterers/fornicators? Does this mean, it is better to kill than to fornicate? The claim of stoning people to death therefore, doesn't make sense does it? Oops... sorry for I have digressed, that happens naturally the moment one turns 40.

Back on track, furthermore, since there are people who don't see money politics as a form of bribery, and there are people getting off money politics merely by a "stern warning", sending a message to the public that the act of screwing people for money is condoned, why be biased and prohibit prostitution? Might as well legalized this profession and then tax them to help generate the bullish economy. At least those whores we can tax.

Exactly what am I rambling about? Oh well, I'm sure everyone have read "Rape victim found hanged from durian tree".

I have been summoned to court a couple of times to testify as medical officer in a few rape cases, of which the victims were children below the age of 12years old, raped by adults they trusted.
I psyched these rape victims (and their parents) who were under my medical care to comprehend that it was NOT THEIR FAULT that they were raped because most of the time they were made to believe it was, and I encouraged their parents to prosecute. I loathe attending court cases involving rape cases though. It's really ugly. And that's just describing how the court handled their proceedings.

By the time the court presided, I had already been transferred halfway across Semenanjung Malaysia to another hospital. The time taken from the day the rape was reported, to the time the case gets called to court was just about ample for any gravid mother of 10's vagina that had undergone spontaneous vaginal delivery, to become re-virginated. And I have not touched upon the time taken from the incident of rape to the time the victim had enough guts to come forward to report the crime.

One of the victim was first raped by her maternal uncle at the age of 9 years old and was repeatedly raped thereon until she realized that, at age 12, no other friends of hers had gotten the "conjugal visits" from a non imaginary friend. I know. It makes you want to shove a durian up the rapist's ass. Now that is an interesting form of punishment the legal department should consider to be inflicted upon rapists.

Then I get asked dumb questions like "Is it possible that the rapist rape the victim standing?". And mind you I have to answer the question in Bahasa Malaysia Baku describing how sex is possible performed standing, (yukh!!) when all the time, I wanted to scream out at their faces "haven't you tried screwing your wives standing?". But I guess it was pointless anyway, since that particular lawyer looked like his eyesight can't get past his belly to view his own erection, let alone imagine having sex standing.

And don't let me start on how many times the cases were canceled and the people in charge had forgotten to inform me beforehand. When I thought about how much money the taxpayers' could have saved from unnecessary transportation of witnesses to court only to find the case was postponed because the bloody police officer in charge or the court clerk had forgotten to inform regarding cancellation beforehand, it makes me want to tell them off.....oh wait, I did.... But that is another story..

Yes, to a medical officer, a rape case is emotionally taxing and frustrating, but it is nothing compared to what the rape victims had to go through. Can one imagine the magnitude of their suffering and what court proceeding delays may mean to them? I doubt it, unless you become a victim yourself.

(Click below to find out more about rape victims and Nik Aziz...huh? Precisely why you should click below)

It is not my intention to be erudite, but as far as my experience in testifying in court as a medical examiner in a couple of rape cases takes me, it is through my observation that rape victims have to prove their innocence not just in the court room, who may prove to be more empathic towards them. The prosecution extends beyond the court room and towards a more scrutinizing society. It is no wonder that not many rape victims are willing to come forward to report the unfortunate incidences. The repercussions of what may seem as merely claiming justice is far more grave when society be the judge of the people's court, especially when the people lack awareness. Some never did came forth ergo they suffer in silence. The public is partly responsible for this.

It is when the influential people like Nik Aziz who make reckless statements claiming the reason why women were raped was the utilization of perfume and lipstick, that make society's mind deviate from the real task, which is to punish the rapist, not the raped. It is this kind of statements that make me wonder, if the old man is senile, or just plain obtuse.

I doubt that he has ever sat and actually spoken to any rape victims his entire life and that his perception of the whole matter is a manifestation of parochial and pedantic line of thinking. Because if he did, he would notice that there are children of age prepuberty, that are also being raped, even as I'm writing this. No, lipsticks, no perfume, not even secondary sexual characteristics like breasts or hips, or even buttocks, and what have they done to deserve being raped? If he did, he would notice that it took those rape victims a lot of mental trauma to overcome society's dogma to avow the fact they they were actually being raped. If he did, he would notice that when someone forces sex upon a woman, or a man ( but I doubt men would come forward to complain , although there were cases that did. If I'm a man though, I would zip it and consider being raped as another type of fetish and try to make the most of it...), she suffers a form of emotional, physical and mental abuse that would scar her for life. If he did, he would realize that by saying what he had said, publicly, he had helped the rapists feel justified of committing the crime. It's like saying, she deserves to be robbed because she did not lock the door. If society is not diseased with theft, (there are such places even though it is hard for Malaysians to imagine it at present moment), one can leave the door open without getting robbed.

I categorize individuals such as Nik Aziz, as "he who knows not but thinks he knows it all", he can change his name from Nik to Dick for all I care. Either that or he belong to the "he who knows not but is pressured to portray he knows it all". Either or, he definitely is a "know not". It infuriates me to think that a person who sermons religion could come up with insensitive and unfounded remarks. The act of rape itself is a crime, with or without lipsticks and perfume. If he cannot grasp this simple concept, it makes one wonders how he grasp the concept of Islam as a whole. It's giving me the goose bumps even as I am typing this.

Society must be able to appreciate the fact that, even if a woman lures a man to have sex with him,that sex should stop the moment the word "No" is uttered. It is not fair to say "she deserves to be raped", because, no one, deserves to have crime committed upon them. And that is what rape is, a crime, regardless of the events or excuses leading to it.

As though adding salt to injury, (which by the way is a ruptured vagina accompanied by cuts and bruising all over the body, and that is just the physical trauma seen by the naked eye) in some states, the auta-rities are planning to follow the Arabic Islamic practices, which is to make the rape victims come up with four witnesses in order for the rape claim be valid. In case it escaped any one's minds, someone ought to remind them, that it is almost impossible to come up with 4 reliable witnesses during a "tangkap basah" modus operandi, involving couples celebrating fornication and adultery. ( sometimes, it is quite unfair that the infant gets to enjoy their infancy yet adults gets punished for adultery) . Would it be possible for a woman terrified for he own life be able to come up with these four witnesses? Or do they think that the rapist would pounce on his victim in crowded places full of potential witnesses?

Furthermore, why stop at rape cases in coming up with these witnesses? Why not produce 4 witnesses to prove robbery, murder, sodomy(there goes CSI out of a job, no need to parade semen stained mattresses in and out of court), internet crimes, bribery (oh wait, it's probably implemented for bribery, judging by it's rampant practice especially amongst corrupted politicians - obviously it is difficult to have 4 witnesses to a bribery case, that explains it then), why stop at sexual crimes ?

Oh sure, at least we don't stone our rape victims to death because they have failed to produce the four witnesses, we are slightly smarter than those morons in the middle east, but I'm sure given half the chance under the "Hudud Law", (you know, the one that is still struggling to get past the draft because the mullas are trying hard to figure out how to implement something that even Allah haven't mentioned at all in the Quran), the eastern disciples may just decide to follow these morons, making one wonder, who's the Dumb and who's the Dumber.....

You can't kill someone just because you think he deserves to die. That is not up to any living being with a functioning gray matter to decide. Rape is not sex by provocation. Rape is about manipulation and power display upon victims during sex. Rapists do not rape rampantly, they choose their victims. They may prefer children than a perfumed adult. More than anything else, rape is a crime, and it should not happen even when "provoked".

Society have got to decipher this, and stop victimizing the victims, instead, punish the rapists severely. Have more empathy on the victims, not the victor. Should a society is unable to grasp this simple concept, contented to accept rape cases a norm ingredient in life, then the raping will never end. What is more distressing, is that it can happen to you or the people you love. Need this be the turning point to one's life in order for him to open up his eyes to realize that society is wrong in the way they treat rape victims?

To end something I intended to be a quick comment that somewhat ended up a verbiage, it is vital to reiterate that society should not be nonchalant or tolerable towards any form of crime. Rape is a crime, and it is important for us to get this fact through our skulls. Otherwise, whilst we're still debating on was it the perfume or the lipstick that got women into this mess, the rapists out there are having a rape-fest. Should we fail to recognize our priorities, expect more than durians to fall off our durian tree in time to come.
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hazriq said...

Public education therefore is very important. Educated society who are willing to change their society makes a good recipe to bust crimes.
Good piece of writing there.