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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The Redang Rendezvous.....yes,...again....

It's time of the year....yes, again. I had to finish my leave that cannot be carried forward beyond March. 15 days of annual leave and I still have balance leave and was forced to finish it. I know, what a gripping life I lead.....

Anyway, I plan to make it an annual event, finishing my leave in Redang. Can't help it. I just love being there mainly because, there is a balance between reasonably edible meals, good package deal, a prerogative between quiet and noisy, comfortable accommodation with friendly and helpful staff.

We spent 3 nights and 4 days at the Long Beach just enough before we start feeling like wanting to strangle each other or I start talking to myself, which, incidentally, I do elsewhere anyway.

Global warming saw early March waves lashing out onto the beach front. I reckon by mid March the water would have been calmer and perhaps later from April to August, Nemo and friends may pay the seaside a visit, mainly out of curiosity of why humans bother to wear swim suits or their whole freaking clothes in the waters.

Before reaching Redang, we did take some, what I feel as interesting snap shots around Kuala Terengganu. Although KT has it's Floating Mosque, Floating Seafood Restaurant (just adjacent to the Shah Bandar Jetty), I am not going to show you it's latest addition, the Floating Toilets. I think Public Toilets in Malaysia deserve a topic of it's own, less perennial rather more peri-anal problem really.

The White Mosque, obviously. Actually, the real name is Masjid Zainal Abidin, but people started calling it Masjid Putih, because frankly, who cares who Zainal Abidin is...I like the building because of it's all white, and it looks devine with that backdrop of clear blue skies, with a tinge of gray to tease us of the possibility of an incoming rain
Below: So you think it is a hut eh? Actually, it's Hut's on wheels, run by engine, generally called the public bus.
And of course we had to torture the Penarik Beca. Wait. Torture is when you weigh slightly lighter than a whale and decide to go on the beca.
P. Ramlee would not have bothered getting involved with an unavailably rich aristocratic woman in his movie Penarik Beca, had he this beca inbuilt playback entertainment.
Honestly, for a moment,I fell in love with Jeffry Din, singing and prancing away like he normally does when he sings. It must have been the unpolluted air, they do strange things to your brains.
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The last time we went to Redang, we went trekking from Pasir Panjang to a private beach, that turned out to be the property of Berjaya Hotel. It's a little bay adjacent to that that held a majestic looking Berjaya Hotel. To us it's called trekking, but the kampung people who work at the numerous resorts in Pasir Panjang, it's their highway to work, minus Samy's toll.

We trekked for about 20-30minutes, quite ridiculous to get lost with all the red markings on the trees to indicate the right path. I would call it an easy trek, well, depends, if your Body Mass Index (BMI) be more than 30kg/m, then perhaps it may rank between a moderate to a difficult trek.

Below: Taking a breather and more clean air into the system, engorging eccentricity due to overload of oxygen in the gray matter.

Finally, after spending time worrying about becoming a Tiger's "sup tulang" (hey, we're skinny due to our genes), we saw the lining of sandy beach, a sight that made all that sweating and anxiety of being eaten alive by some beast, worth it. Unlike the humans, the beasts don't have a specific meal time like breakfast, brunch and so forth, so we can't plan to trek in between the meal time......
If you're looking for hot babes in mini thongs and cheeky giggles, the trek is not worth it. But if you're looking for a piece of heavenly sightings, you've come to the right place.

And the water is so clear, you could even see the viral warts on your toes !!

We had to climb over some rocks to get over to the Berjaya Hotel. Well, my daughter always wanted to go for rock climbing. I told her that trek gave us all, trekking, swimming , lazing around, rock climbing and boating ( we went back by Berjaya speedboat since my daughter was post viral and did not have the energy to trek back)

On Pasir Panjang, there's no TV, radio, handphone transmission (except at the beach) and you're forced to relax and enjoy the environment, until of course, some joker gets drunk and decided that he could sing "I did it my way" better than Frank Sinatra (of course, he's drunk!!!) merely by using the karaoke sound system. That was why I picked an accomodation, slightly further from "civilization". Below - a view from our hut. We spent much time on it's balcony facing the beach, reading.
And when our butts get sore from the sitting on our asses, we do our reading on the beach chair instead, although it doesn't really help the coccyx much, being tough wood and all.

Occasionally, we get little visitors, of which we welcome more than our fellow homosapiens, with talents to sing ergo posing threat to our tympanic membranes. (in laymen terms, the eardrums)
At least THIS visitor has other talent....although humans can do lots of things with a pole, pole dancing included, we still can't eat with our body hanging upside down a pole. Check this out people....HAH!!
Other activities?
Let me see, there's trying not to drown; (below)
More eating;
Checking out asses;

All the way till the sun slides into the skyline...........when there's only the sound of waves to keep you accompany, until the bloody drankard started singing again......What is it about karaokes, drunkards and that bloody song "I did it my way" anyway?!!!!
Then you fall asleep without realising when, from the tiredness of not doing anything the whole day, and wake up bright and cheerful eager to repeat the whole process of not doing anything another day.

Occasionally, your eyes will be feasted upon what may seem like true love.........Of course, love isn't love until a couple wear the matching swimming gear.......

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