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Monday, 1 June 2009

Do you know where your child is right now?

I was having a good time getting a foot massage from George Clooney (well, it use to be Brad Pitt but I'm no home breaker) when I was rudely awoken by a loud bang that did not sound like the usual Friday night bangs coming from a couple living in the 24 hours mamak restaurant workers' room across the clinic, where my on-duty room is situated, back to back. I rushed out of my room just in time to catch glimpse of a car speeding away with it's tires screeching , like in the scene from "Starsky and Hutch", only more like "Husky and Starch" really.

Apparently, my nurse's car was hit by a car driven by juveniles. It was two sodding thirty A bloody M for God's sakes!! Why can't they just be normal boys and hang out at the clubs doing some break dancing, or crumping or shuffling or whatever it is normal boys with raging testosterone do on Friday nights!! One of the boys swung by earlier to purchase an asthma inhaler (well at least we now know that "exertion" is one of his asthma trigger factor) , before he was later seen with a long stick about to join a brawl.

According to my nurse, whom upon witnessing a couple more boys armed with parangs and baseball bats ran to hide in the clinic, these boys are the usual kids loitering around the area till wee hours of the morning without any purpose. It seems that most of them were former tuition mates, who had failed their SPM , some twice, fallen into two opposing gangs, and were having some kind of disagreement. ( I'm sure it's over a female, unless proven otherwise..these kind of boys don't usually use their brains, in anticipation of selling them later thinking under utilization of brains may lead to better second hand value, and normally resort to utilizing "the other head" instead, you know, the one that when used will give others an actual headache?). They come from a very wealthy background. A hooligan is a hooligan, wealthy or otherwise. In fact, I can relate more to hooligans coming from poor background, because they have lesser opportunities in life. What excuse can a wealthy hooligan come up with? Boredom?

I am still wondering whether it was the consequence of Hishamuddin's action of waving the Keris (owing him the nickname "Krishamuddin", not as glamorous as Brangelina or TomKat but, well, it's all in the spirit of Malaysia Boleh Belaka) that got even the pemuda non UMNO into this violent mode, or whether they got this idea that it is hype to wave onto people's faces objects of primitive weapons like parangs, from the Indonesian workers, or perhaps Hishamuddin got the idea from the Indonesian workers, I have absolutely no idea currently. Either way, someone should tap their shoulders to inform them that there are less messier ways, like sending a pig infected with H1N1 to do the job for instance.

I post these picture of car damage for your perusal :

Looking at the extent of damage done by these adolescents, I am more angrier with the parents who seemed to be oblivious regarding the whereabouts and the activities of their kids. What are these boys doing every night, loitering without any purpose in life, till morning? Don't these parents comprehend that "An idle mind is a devil's workshop"? ( you can imagine what a couple of idle minds can become then - devil's factory?) .

Are the parents too busy making money on the excuse of giving their family a better life, that they have failed to comply to the basic requirement of parenting, which partly is to monitor their children's activities? What kind of life that can be made better, solely materially and what is the point of having a good materialistic life when your children grow up to become bohsias, gangsters, mat rempits etc, basically "sampah masyarakat", just passing their time off creating social troubles along the way, whilst waiting for their parents to decease in order to inherit some fortune their parents work hard to accumulate on the excuse of giving the kids a better life? If you can imagine what these hoodlums can do, now try to imagine them with money.....(did I just described the birth of our politicians in that last sentence? Oops...can this statement be considered as seditious? If you don't find me writing after this, then you will know the extent of the definition of "seditious" in Malaysia).

Here's a simple rule. Couples who think that parenting is like rearing goats or pets, should not be allowed to breed. If you cannot spend quality time with your children to instill goodness in them and be responsible to the consequences of your own sperm and ovum, you best not breed and just work yourselves to the bones and spend all that money in enjoying yourselves making babies without producing them, in places like Disneyland, not Toyo style, as Toyo worked even when he was on holiday apparently (researching Disney characters IS work okay. It's not easy to study these characters and bring them back to the Malaysian Parliament for the members to mimic).

I'm sure by now even our pets can recognize this picture, only some may view them only in black and white.

To me, this is another example of parent's negligence and the "tidak apa" attitude followed by "nak buat macam mana, dah takdir" remark to pacify their own guilt of being irresponsible. If it is up to me, I'd prosecute parents who are proven beyond any reasonable doubt, to be negligent to a child's well being. It is not safe for even a man in broad daylight now, what makes us think it is okay to allow a child to be out there under a supervision of another child. Whenever I see this poster at the supermarket with the words , "Di manakah Nurin Jazlin?" , I felt like screaming at the top of my lungs, "This question, Godammit, should have been asked BEFORE she went missing!!!"

Take home message : If you are planning to breed a child like the Aedes mosquito, do society a favour and don't breed. The world can do without the dengue thank you. We have more things like the Swine Flu to worry about (err..I'm talking about the actual swine..GE is not yet around the corner folks...)

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