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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

A little smile to get us by.....

There's humor everywhere, if you care to indulge in your environment. Take time to smell the coffee before sipping it!! Life is boring when you don't have a sense of humor to get you by. I wonder how those people resolved to have botox knowing that they will never be able to smile or laugh looking like a normal human being again. Here, look at the pictures below and give your sense of humor a chance to shine through (just in case you have had no time to grab the local papers and read them that is).

Here are some photos that I find amusing. I'm glad that despite my crazy job, I still have the ability to experience humor in many forms. Being Malaysian, we are blessed with understanding humor in multiracial form.
Don't worry, I checked. No rats were harmed in the making of this evening dress.
Here's something that made me wonder, the same way I wonder about Islamic Cars, and PUSRAWI (Pusat Rawatan Islam)....What does it mean really? Only Muslims can use it? Or have Islam been so well preached that even the book had decided by itself to convert into Islam. "6 Sha'aban 1430 Hijrah. Temujanji dengan Mr Uthner dari German - Continental Tyres. Jangan lupa untuk periksa bila 6 Sha'aban jatuh atas calender omputeh"
Notice how "teh tarik kurang manis" despite the lack of sugar content, is still charged as though there is sugar in it? It's either these flers are smart at making money, or just suck at marketing.
If one can still read what the sign says, he can still go for another round of that oily roti canai and the tosey and the teh tarik (yummmmmmmyyyyy) before the onset of retinopathy (that's complication of the eyes due to's so not funny when one has to explain her own jokes)
Below :
I saw this sign on the side table of a hotel we stayed in Kuantan.....err.....I thought there are many other things we do in bed apart from smoking that endangers our lives, including the consequences of getting caught by JAKIM and die of embarrassment when our faces appear in front page of "Harian Metro" (for these type of story to appear in front page, I truly believe that the paper should rename itself to "Hairan Metro" because we hairan why people still hairan that fornication is perennial...duuuh...). Actually smoking in hotel beds are hazardous for hotel management. Smoking is just hazardous to the the smoker and the passive smokers, full stop.
I would have redone the sign as below:

"Smoking anywhere endangers your life...not to mention others' , you selfish prick"

or perhaps a sign that says;

"Smoking endangers your life, unless you do the Clinton and do not inhale. Smoking endangers the lives of your loved ones, unless you do not exhale"


Apart from wondering why the precinct in Putrajaya is not in sync, take a look at the sign board below. Isn't 8 somewhere between 7 - 9 ? How difficult is it to count from 1 to 10, can someone tell me that? Even my nieces and nephews can count backwards from 10 - 1. Must have been some crony company that had produced this signage. In Malaysia, it is alright to pass through secondary school thinking Ilmu Hisab has got something to do with the knowledge you get from Hugh Hefner's encyclopedia of Anatomy and Physiology, but as long as you belong to a crony, you can get away with "buta angka"and still make it in the entrepreneur world, landing good government contracts, as evidenced by the sign here.

This vehicle should be put into the ISA immediately!!! It's seditious, no doubt about that!!! How can they say the Bumi's are pests!!! Outrageous !!!
One of my patient's name. I wonder what name he should name his son?
Can someone tell me why is it I thought about "One Malaysia",(the propaganda version of it),the moment my eyes caught sight of this taxi? It's always about "the strings attached" isn't it?
No, it's not optical illusion, nor a new breed of cicaks. This cicak is red in color. No, it's not having the Michael Jackson syndrome; singing "Black and White" to promote racial equality, then turn around and bleached himself white as though he's got some problems being black. This cicak took a dip overnight in the glass full of Ribena. It would be a mystery though, should the tip of his nose was red too.
And I love this sign I saw posted at the side mirror of a Satria. No need to elaborate. It's so self explanatory...
Nothing like putting your butt onto the toilet bowl and doing some reading while waiting for your last meal to come out of the system. My favourite quote: "Public toilets in Malaysia is not as much a perennial problem, as it is, peri-anal"I posted this simply because the guy in that pic very much resembled my uncle, four years my senior. We are very close since childhood. He told me he's doing his own business. When I saw this in Redang Island, I knew I should have asked him exactly what business is he into. I'm beginning to wonder , is he telling me everything? Hmm....
Last but not least, don't be shy to act nuts anytime you feel like it. Keep that inner child alive !!! (even though the butt keeps reminding you, otherwise)

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hehehehe :D i like reading this... makes me giggle on a 'mournday'... :D