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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

And so this year the Lion Dances...(tiger, lion...close enuff..)

If there's anyone who should be on the cover of a 1Malaysia Magazine, it should be me. I mean, I'm a ...let me see...(focus Pah Nur!!!!)...urm...Malay, who looks Chinese, loves Indian delicacies and basically hangs out most of the time (the little time she hangs out), at Mamak stalls with well, everyone. Oh, by the way, looking Chinese is very convenient if you go out on a date and decided to lepak tepi tasik with your boyfriend who don't look like a Malay.....and p.s.. pretend you've forgotten to bring your IC and whatever you not speak BM the way Malays speak it...pretend to speak BM with a heavy Chinese accent. If you want to make the auta-rities more confused, talk in BM with heavy Tamil accent.

Anyway, one of the million reasons I love about Malaysia is that, we are so diverse, it blows my mind away ( a non-jihadist manner). Despite being dragged through the foetid sinkhole created by power craved politicians, the rifts they create to divide and rule, to stay relevant, at the heart of the matter, I personally feel that at ground level, Malaysians are cool with each other, although some still need to realize that they need to share this country sooner or later.

I remember walking through the Golden Triangle, breathing in the life enveloping me, and listening to the pulsation of the city, it made me feel alive and there and then, I realize, that there's no place in the world I'd rather be. I'm sure I'm not the only one sharing this sentiment. We just need to work through this growing pain folks. Let's stick together and wade this through.

One of my favourite thing is to watch the Lion'll be great to watch a lion in their wild environment dance, but I don't think anyone had ever survived training wild lions to dance to tell the story of how wonderful they look, or video tape it.

Soon it'll be the year of the Lions. I wish every Malaysian a very prosperous New Year. May the new year bring you happiness, wealth, good health, good relationships and increase our spirituality and love towards each other...achieve a true 1 Malaysia..


Enjoy this beautiful lion dance:


Planet of the Monyets said...

Happy New Year to you too....

Just in case. If you plan to hang out tepi tasik on 14 Feb, make sure you got your undies on.

PahNur said...

Hmm...while the Quran does not state anything about covering the head, but the Hadiths do, both Quran and Hadith had failed to mention about covering the other end,i take that as an okay to not wear undies anytime of the year :-D