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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Awww.....pukul lah kuat sikit.....awww awwww

As I traveled through the wormhole of my mind and reminisce the good old days in school where things were much simpler, I am able to recall that except for getting good grades, ignorance was truly bliss. It was a time when "e-mail" was a misnomer that would get your marks minus 2 for a wrong spelling of "mail" or even "male", a time when I use to get letters from pen pals, a cliche, written;

"Pecah kaca pecah gelas Sudah baca harap balas".

Now, what I get in the mail would read,

"Pecah kaca pecah gelas Sudah baca harap bayar"....

I cringe though, when a neuron transmission triggered my memory of Ugama Class. Apart from feeling deprived of getting my curiosity granted it's satiety, and the discomfort felt in my gut every time I learn about the history of Islam, I was uncomfortable with the fact that blood seemed ample but not for donation. Unrest seems to not rest. Women insidiously loose their rights again. It seems like Muslims have forgotten that one of the main purpose of Islam is to erect justice and equality amongst humans, regardless of race, gender, culture, etc. It is a religion of progression, to free the minds of the submitters. What followed therein, was not erection, rather impotence of justice, beyond the help of Tongkat Ali.

Is there any difference of how women are treated now, then they were during the Jahiliyah era, and soon after the death of Muhammad? If there is anything wrong, fingers will somehow rather end up inevitably pointing towards a woman. A woman is raped, it's the woman's fault. A man cannot control his amygdala, it's woman's fault. (btw, apparently, when it comes to sex, size matters. No wonder Muslim men tells their women to cover their heads despite no such thing mentioned in the Quran, and the men bandage their heads in order to retard the growth of their brain size. Apparently, it's to control their sex drive. The other side effect of a shrunk brain is of course the dumb thoughts that comes out of it...although, I wish I can say it's purely coincidental, though).

Yes, basically, women are the root of all problems...not money and power, no.
This is how they came to the conclusion;

So there you go. That explains why women are the root of all problems. We must be purified, concubined, hidden in the house and fast etc etc etc....yeaa yeaa, we get that, woman is root of all evil, not money and power.....let's move on.

So, I'm not surprised at the act of canning the 3 women apparently caught for illicit sex. You can read them HERE and HERE'S THE WOMEN DECRYING. I'm not even surprised that the Home Minister condoned such sentence to be carried out in some secret place.

What really run through one's mind when told of whippings going on in a dark secret place ?....

Turned out, this was the photo released to demonstrate how the process took place;

What an anti climax (pun not intended of course). Looking at that sad excuse of a whip, I cannot help but wonder, "why bother".

Mystery envelopes this very act of secrecy. Why the secrecy? Why bother reporting it almost a week later? Or, did these alleged whipping ever took place at all? Are these women having illicit sex amongst themselves? Or were there men involved? As it was written and I quote,

"He said the ministry agreed on the procedure for the caning of Muslim women offenders for syariah offences on Dec 4. They include thorough checks before and after the caning, ensuring that the women were not pregnant and were appropriately dressed according to the Islamic dress code."

I reckon men were involved, well, at least one man, because women simply cannot impregnate another woman. If so, how come there is no news of men or at least a man being whipped? Even if it was all three woman involved, at least one man is needed so much so, they were given that thorough check up including to exclude pregnancy. If men are not involved, can it be at all called sex, and if so, can it be considered under "illicit"? Hmm...questions...questions...

I cannot help but wonder, what constitutes "illicit sex" in Malaysia? After all, in Article 3 of the Malaysian constitution, it is stated that "Islam shall be the religion of Malaysia, but other religions may be practiced in peace and harmony in any parts of Malaysia", and nothing said about Malaysia being an Islamic country. So how is it that the Syariah Law overruled the Constitutional Law, pointed out by Sisters in Islam (SIS) executive director Dr Hamidah Marican, who said;

“It violates constitutional guarantees of equality and non-discrimination as the whipping of women under Syariah Criminal Offences legislation contradicts civil law where women are not punishable by caning under Section 289 of the Criminal Procedure Code”

Here's a very interesting history behind the birth of this Article 3 courtesy of Art Harun. Talk about labor pain.....

Under Constitutional Law, sex may not even be illicit then, or just to throw in some interesting controversy for the heck of sensationalizing something, perhaps, what is left in sex to become illicit is sex performed in your Avatar form.....

And while we're at it, the Minister involved in condoning this act is Home Affair, not ExtraMarital Affair. He awed me, not in a good way when he was the Education minister, whereby if memory serves me well, he could not make a firm decision regarding the students with straight As who wanted to do medicine but was denied, perhaps because they do not have the "special skin color". The same joker who could not decide whether to ban or not to ban our kids using hand phone in schools. Yes, again, the same joker who left it to the teachers to decide whether to close the school due to the haze that hit KL some time back.

My my, he reminded me of my ex boyfriend, whom I called Smeagol. My ex boyfriend was fickle minded because he was a divorcee. What's the Home Minister's excuse? I think I may have him figured out. He's there just to be loved. He is not interested in doing what is right, rather, what is popular. You know what they say, when you combine Mr Lova Lova with a series of dumb decisions....why, you get, James Bean of course!!

Here are bits of what was written in StarOnline;(the printings in red is my comment....of course..)

Hishamudin said, “They have all repented. They are also hoping that others will not go against the teachings of the religion,” he said, adding that the sentence was meted out according to Islamic rules.
Hishammuddin said one of the women was released on Sunday after spending a month in prison (but I thought he said the sentence was meted out according to Islamic rules. Which part is that one month jail coming from then?)and another was expected to be released over the next few days.

“The punishment is aimed at getting the offenders to repent and seek Allah’s forgiveness. (I wonder how anyone can know if anyone repents).It is also meant to educate Muslims to follow the teachings of Islam.”(obviously the school curriculum had failed since they committed the sin despite that long, butt numbing Ugama classes...hmm..maybe the numbing is to prepare us all for the whip on the buttocks? sigh...questions...questions...)

I don't know about you, but if I'm into BDSM, with that kind of whipping, I'd gain twice from the whole ordeal ;-D. Awwwww....sakitnya...aaawwwwww....pukul lar lagi...awwwww..tinggal 3 sebatan jer lagi? Pukul lah kuat sikit...awwww...

You know what bites me? Other civilizations are talking about "the ethics behind genetic engineering" and "tissue regeneration" and "Role of Nanotechnology in treatment of cancer", and here we are, talking about "How to whip a fornicator". How about "How to whip a corrupted person" eh ? After all...they screw others for money...
Really Malaysians, where do we go from here?

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Planet of the Monyets said...

spot on when you said

"What's the Home Minister's excuse? I think I may have him figured out. He's there just to be loved. He is not interested in doing what is right, rather, what is popular. You know what they say, when you combine Mr Lova Lova with a series of dumb decisions....why, you get, James Bean of course!!

PahNur said...

Yupp...James Bean is a spot on diagnosis...