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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The Matrix ..Unloaded....

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I never really get the "Matrix" the first time I watched it. Then again, I'm a doctor. My imagination died the very moment I entered the Medical Faculty. Haven't you heard? Medical Faculty is where you go to materialize your dreams, at the expense of your imagination. Let me put it to you uneloquently; Medical School kills ideas....yes, if you have ideas and want to kill them...enter the Medical the time they're done with you, your idea of a "sense of humor" is something that only fellow doctors will comprehend and share the laughter and the rest of the world don't understand what on earth you are trying to say but just laugh because you're a doctor and it's only polite.And as though we haven't had enough ideas killed, we will go back in to pursue our studies, or "specialize" to make sure we kill whatever ideas left for good the second time around.

But really, I digress. Back to the "Matrix". Even though it wasn't in my plan to become a General Practitioner, well, sometimes life takes a turn somewhere you don't plan to go and you are left with not many choices except to succumb to it. So, as mind snoozing as it is, I did what I had to do. (I mean really, after some time, even Viagra won't be able to aid my mental erectile dysfunction) . It took some getting used to, like a wild horse dragged into the sea in order to calm it. But I guess, my restless soul found something to do during all that ample time. It gave me room, with a window of opportunity to feast my eyes into other aspects of life other than the world of Medicine.

With this free time to think, I realize that the Matrix is a metaphor of our lives. I mean, think about it....(exactly what we are deprived of in our hectic schedule...thinking about life because we are busy living it).

Freedom is taken away from us the moment we come out of our mothers' wombs. Expectations follow through. We don't cry, someone slaps our soft butts to make sure we do, and then we are all Apgar-scored. Imagine that, just a few seconds of living and we are already being graded. If anyone says there is any freedom in life, he's actually farting thinking that's actually talking.

Floating contentedly in our own urine (really, what did you think the amniotic fluid was all about?), free to not think, feeling comfortable in our own skin without anyone judging, no schedules or commitments to keep, no wanting, no prejudice ( we all looked like tadpoles in early embryonic stages, what is there to feel prejudice about), really, it's no wonder babies cry when their term in mommy's comfy womb is over. Well, either that or when we start eating our shit, (meconium....see what I mean about the medical jokes) we know it's time to get out into the real world. Bye bye carefree life, hello screwed up world, here I come !! (hmm...dejavu to "here I cum").

What is the Matrix?

Interesting choice, a battery. In a way, we function as a battery. We give our energy to generate reward to the people who we work for and after being tired the whole day at work, we go back to sleep, recharge. If we are rechargeable, our service is needed for a longer period. When the battery defaults, it will be replaced by a new one. The more efficient batteries a company have the more income they generate.

To keep the us all occupied, what better way than to cover our senses? Control our brains and senses, is to control the whole human being. Create a scenario, a system to keep us all under control, this is done by the media, what is taught to us by the system etc. After all, what is "real"?

Oops...sorry, wrong video. Here's the one:

(Click on the Rabbit Hole, to find out how deep it goes......not the red one you silly goose!!!...look below you..yes, the purple link....).

The thing about the Matrix, was that the people were born into a set of law, culture and mind set, formulated by a programme. People were too busy "living" that no one took noticed or even if they did, were preoccupied with "living" to be able to have time to entertain the queries in their minds. That there was something that felt just not right, yet they could not put their fingers on it. Only those who really pursue in search of answering that query in their minds will find the answer.

Doesn't that sound familiar to you and me? The same applies to real life, our lives. We were born into this world and our minds were fed, with a set of way of thinking, and as it love being the portal of deliverance, we trusted what was shoved to us since the day we were born. We trusted what our parents had taught us, what their parents had taught them ,what our teachers had taught us, what our system had embed into our minds , most of the time, without questioning them. In short, we were all "conditioned". Those who chooses to remain happy, will not bother to reach out for the truth, an well, actually, ignorance is bliss.

Go on, take the red pill..............

Take our system for example. Need there really be boundaries that divide mankind into countries, when this is as a matter of fact, God's earth and God is always generous to His subjects? Who was it that said, "Hey, this area here is my territory and whoever crosses this line will be killed"? It is us who divided ourselves so that only a few people rule us within that man made lines. The same lines that changes through time, and every time it changes, lives are being sacrificed in the name of, be it God, Culture, Ideology and so forth. And they are just lines. How many more lives should be sacrificed just to erect those lines between us? How we proclaim ourselves to be "intelligent lifeforms" is beyond me.

Because of such importance given to these mere man-made lines on the surface of the earth, imaginary if i may add, humans find excuses to belong to either sides of the lines. Usually religion and race seem to be the effective tools. But really, what are we fighting for? Humanity? It doesn't look like it. Religion? Do we really need to kill another human being just because they do not believe what we believe? Or they do not eat what we eat? They do not wear what we wear? They pray to God differently, although you know that they pray to the same God. Are all those more important than keeping humanity alive? Tell me, what good is a religion when you kill others for it, and in it's name? It beats the whole purpose of why it was sent to us by God in the first place. Same goes with ideologies. The idea sold cannot be that great if human lives have to be sacrificed for it.

If humans go back to practicing humanity as the guidelines for living, perhaps we will be able to live peacefully amongst ourselves and accept each other as what we are. No wars. No hurting each other. The idea sound very idealistic because we condoned it to be just merely an idea.

A more mind boggling question would be who are we fighting against ourselves for? Seem to me, every time war starts, a few people make the money..the same few people in this world. Just do a little bit of research and you'll find the answers. But of course, you don't have the time because you are so preoccupied with your work. There are mortgages to pay, food to put on the table, bigger and more worldly materials to purchase for this have become the measurement of a man. A man is no longer judged by what he's made of, but what he makes. What he makes normally is at the expense of what he's made of unfortunately.

Imagine if we all listened to John Lennon. There will be no reason for us to fight and kill each other. I'm sure the Drug Barons and the Arms Dealers will never agree to this... Maybe that was why John Lennon was murdered.

Take a listen to the lyrics and imagine the implication of executing this;

Just in case you are looking for the answer to the Matrix, perhaps George Carlin will be able to help ;-D

I wrote about the New World Order some time back, just in case you've decided to take the Red Pill...

Well, I end my post with this message :

The Rabbit Hole of this post ENDS HERE. However, the Rabbit hole of life depends on which pill you took. For those of you who chose to take the Blue Pill, have a great slumber. Hmm....maybe that is why Viagra a.k.a the Pill, is blue in color...coincidence? I don't think so.........

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Monyet King said...

You said "Let me put it to you uneloquently; Medical School kills ideas....yes, if you have ideas and want to kill them...enter the Medical School"

liar, liar, liar

It is the Engineering School that does that. I know. I went to one of them.

Pat said...

A doctor, then an engineer - and both vying for first place! You know what? This Ingrand-teacher claims that one!!!

Isn't Keanu Reeves just dreamy? *swoon*

hazriq said...

I took the blue pill and frankly,I think everyone should! Ah, so that was what it is called, that blue pill,Viagra.

PahNur said...

This could only mean one thing folks....that the higher education centers ARE in fact, where people go to kill their ideas....

Hazriq, here's something for the blue pill takers: I was told this story by lunch pal.

"A man looked towards the philosopher for an answer, 'Why is it that there are so few intelligent people on earth, and there are countless idiots?'.

The philosopher pondered upon the questions, then answered, "While the intelligent people are busy trying to make a change in this world, the... idiots are busy F***ing without protection"

Moral of the story: those who think they are smart are actually not that smart coz the idiots are having a good time in life while the smart ones are busy working to make the world safe for these idiots to continue enjoying sex in their free time...and they propagate forth by the way...