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Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Good Side

I finally got around to watching "The Blind Side". I cried mostly throughout the movie, then wondered, why did I watch it in the first place, because one is suppose to relax, unwind and enjoy when watching movie. I was far from being relaxed and instead of unwinding, I was rewinded. But the movie moved me in the familiar places deep down in my heart. And at the end of it, I was left with a warm fuzzy feel good emotion, a set of puffy eyes and half a bucket of used tissues full of the product of my emotion.

Every one has their own story. What I call Kodak and Prozak moments. I have mine. Sometimes, you've got to watch the sad story of others to realized, despite the problems we face, how blessed we are still, that no matter how big we think our problems are, there are other people with bigger problems out there, living their nightmare. Some may say, why compare ourselves with people who are less fortunate? Well, to be able to have the feeling of competitiveness, I guess it makes sense to look for happier stories. But what good is a human being when we fail to have some sense of gratitude.

Michael Oher's story reminds us that life is about choices. We may wonder why some people are born privileged, why some are born on the streets with nothing but bad news to keep them company. Well, life's a test, so it's true what they say that life's a bitch. Humans may measure success as worldly endeavours, but it may not be so with God. Perhaps, those who are tested greater, have the chance of scoring higher than those born privileged, and less tested in the eyes of God. So basically, we are all at square one when we begin.

How are we to know? We can't even begin to answer the question of why are we even here, on earth in the first place.

Either one is born privileged or poor, God gives us the gift of choice. Whichever path we take, is at our freewill, and the consequences are ours. The scoring is not about how much money one makes, or how comfortable one's life is, but what he manages to make himself to be at the end of the journey called life. He gave us the manual in the form of His Books, His apostles sent from time to time, teaching the same goodness and humanity, and He gave us the freedom to think and use our brains. The rest is up to us, our choice to determine which direction we are going with our life.

Everyone should watch this movie. It will remind us of how good it is to be human beings......of having The Good Side....

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