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Friday, 22 February 2008

Obama's speeches

Here's some of Obama's victory in Wisconsin speech , given in Houston.

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

Thank you Hazidi for posting the Obama's speeches. (prior to this article). Both my computer and it's operator, namely me, was having problems embeding this video.
It would be good if you could listen to some of Obama's speech, before reading this article.

If the the United States of America's political speeches are rhetorics served to the gullible citizens dying to hear empty promises, than by God, it's fine dining. It's especially so with Obama's speeches. Not only he manages to say things that touches a human heart, but if you follow his career towards candicacy, somehow you know that he means it. There are some parts in his speeches that pinched my tear gland and by god!! I am not even an American!!

The first thing that got me attracted to Obama ( a non chemistry aspect of it), was when I saw him on Oprah (go on men...sigh and roll up your eyeballs). I understood that he made a strict policy and it's implementation, unto his staff, including himself, that forbids them to travel in private jets. This was to ensure that there is no exclusivity between the Senator's office, and the public, hence, politicians are in touch with the public to decipher their problems etc.

Wow. Imagine Samy Veloo riding a motorcycle, hanging on to his "toupee keledar" on the roads of Malaysia, should such policy be implemented amongst the ruling party in Malaysia. I don't think he will survive the pot holes ,nor his tolls, really.

Call it mental block, or whatever that turns you on, but Obama and Hillary Clinton especially, not only will tell the voters what they will do if they are elected, but they tell you how exactly how they are going to do it, and why their method is better than the rest, in such a nuance form. Can you imagine Badawi delivering a speech of how he is going to solve the racial issues emerging, due to disagreement on implementation of the NEP, without threatening ISA onto opponents' faces?

ISA inevitably means, gone into the black hole....syyyyyyyyyyyy.......whereby anyone who get sucked into it, will come out with "yes-sir-itis"a disease that seem to make them agree with everything the incumbent government say, never mind that they look mysteriously malnourished, bruises dismissed as idiopatic thrombocytopenia (although if someone dare check their blood count, the platlets would be normal ) during press interviews. Never mind Badawi, imagine Nazry delivering such speeches. Frankly, I personally think Nazry should be giving speeches to the retards. (and I am not trying to be condescending to people who are mentally challenged from birth for at least they did not work hard to become one)

I remember when I was acting pengarah in one of the district hospital. The Pengarah had gone of for some kursus, and my my, I definitely lived up to the "act-ing" part of the acting Pengarah's job discription. Incidentally, the Wakil Rakyat came over to seek treatment, and the nurses were asking me permission to usher him in. I told the nurses to calm their hormones and politely tell the Wakil Rakyat to wait in queue, since his case was not that of an emergency.

What was I thinking? Well, in my mind, just as the name had suggested,he was the representative of rakyat, therefore it is his job to know and experience the rakyats' problems. So, I held my breath and let him queue. Two hours and a treatment later, the Wakil Rakyat went back, surprisingly without any hassle, although he did not seem at all happy. Two months later, two extra doctors were posted to the Out Patient Department.

The Pengarah did not make any comments after that. What was made impossible to us when we requested for extra hand was made possible with the absence of the Pengarah, who had not fought enough for the betterment of our hospital. She was busy kissing asses to please her superiors in cutting budget, and had lost sight to what her job was, at the hospital; that is to make sure patients' efficient and comfort treatment. Who cares if the hospital have a beautiful fish pond, when they could have two extra doctors minimizing queueing time . Impossible, I remember we were told, when we brought the matter up to her attention. Turned out, Impossible was nothing.

Back to Obama, if you follow his journey towards becoming a Senator, then the candidancy, you'd envy America for having such a candidate running for presidency. In my opinion, Malaysians need one Barack Obama to revolusinize Malaysian politics. But Hazidi begged to difer, saying, "Obama will never be able to become a politician in Malaysia, because he cannot "speak Kelantan".

I hope Obama will become the next American President. Someone told me I should be more interested in who will win the Malaysian General Election. I told him, we all know who will win in this election, although I cannot say if the Barisan National will win 2/3 majority in Parliment. On the other hand, as in true democracy, no one can actually predict who the next president of America is going to be.

Should Obama win, I believe he will pull out the troups out of Iraq ergo, ease the resistance from the funda-mental muslims in that region. When Badawi wins, he will................I still can't think of anything this man had achieved for the past three years that is significant enough to mention, nor to come up with a prophecy based on his past record of "?achievements", so I'll leave this just here..waiting.....just like this.......until he actually does something worth mentioning.

Walski, in his blog (you should check out his blog, it's brilliant. wrote this :

Tunku Abdul Rahman , Father of Independance
Tun Abdul Razak, Father of Development
Tun Hussein Onn, Father of Unity
Tun Mahathir Mohamed, Father of Modernization
Datuk Abdullah Badawi, Father-in-Law of Khairy.....

Happy Voting everyone. You know what you need to do...

I remember a line from Obama's speech that goes something like this ( I thought I'd better quote him rather than make it sound as if it came from me, for fear of being branded as practicing plagarism!!) :

" We need a politician who do not tell you what you want to hear, but a politician who tells you what you need to hear"
"Change does not happen from the people on top to the bottom, but from the people at the bottom to top".

As in the context of malaysian scenario, ah well, doesn't hurt to have wishful thinking.......

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