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Tuesday, 26 February 2008


The term "Sepandai pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga" may now officially be applied to rats. I caught the darn rodent...finally. It took me nearly a month, a couple of wires, and a fraction of sanity to trick this underestimated intelligent creepy crawling creature.

"So you think you're so smart eh? ", I gave the petrified little mammal a smug half smile, as I squatted down to study it, sitting as quiet as death in the trap, then resumed, "That is why you're the rat and I'm the human", I remember telling the rat that sat completely still in the trap. "Playing dead eh? You're probably smarter than half of our incumbent government actually".

My daughter and I have to agree though , that the rat looked absolutely cute and if it could cook just like Rattatoille (or however you spell it), we would have made it our chef, or perhaps the maid. Well, considering maids are mostly like rats anyway, they are sneaky and nibble everything thinking you don't know they are nibbling more than they should. ( It's the progressively increasing BMI that was the dead giveaway actually, no need for Sherlock Holmes to solve this mystery of the missing caviar).

We fed it, then let it free. Funny how I find the feeling of strangling my late husband to death more satisfying than killing a rat. No. I did not kill my husband, much to my regret. He died from an accident, before I could get my hands on his neck and choke him to death. It's because he was so good at keeping secrets about his philandering activities,blame it on mid life crisis, and that I only discovered it after he had died on me. I swear I could have just strangled hi m otherwise, then sang "Regrets, I have a few....but I DID IT MYYYYYYYY WAAAAYYYY".

Okay, obviously the rat had an effect on me. No, I was talking about the actual rodent. Excuse me, I've got to self medicate.

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