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Friday, 11 July 2008

I know what you did last tengkujuh

It tickles me when someone says that a doctor is a highly respectable job. Respectable perhaps, but every job is respectable, unless it is immoral by the society standards. What more nowadays, doctors are fast competing with the lawyers in becoming a profession that is ridiculed by public in regards to the money minting habits.

I have a hypothesis on why doctors are respected. It is little to do with pure respect actually. Why you ask me then? Well, it's probably because the doctor knows most of his patients' dark dirty secrets. For instance. I know why Dato' X is having severe backache frequently. It's to do with his visits to the Dangdut joints, and of course, having a second wife at the age of 50 isn't giving his back any justice. It doesn't help that he is required to be just in polygamy and have to repeat whatever it is he is doing with his first wife, (that is giving him the backache), with his second.

I know who has sexually transmitted diseases,who's scratching where the sun don't shine or who has sleepless nights putting up with a husband who is going through a midlife crisis then decided to ride another woman instead of a harmless Harley Davidson. I know who can't get it up and who's having problems keeping it down. Frankly, I'd trade my knowledge to not knowing because it makes me loose faith in the human kind. Well, until someone with a simple flu rekindles my faith back.

So, when I walk through the corridors of the office I work in, most people give me a nod to show respect, probably not so much out of respect for me, but because I know their secrets.

A rule of thumb. Unless you want to learn dark secrets of your foe, do not get a doctor drunk and may end up miserable.

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