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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

My quick getaway....

I had a good quick getaway last weekend on the pretext of learning in a Medical Conference. Cheapskate is the correct word, I hate to admit it, but it's the only way I could get away with staying at Westin Langkawi at 1/4 expenses. I've stayed in many hotels before,and actually had to pay for it, yet somehow I liked the Westin Langkawi, not because I have any any shares or bonds pertaining to the hotel, rather, because of the hospitality.

The hoteliers are very amiable and friendly, not to mention helpful and warm. Then again, they may be sucking up to us thinking that we are actual jet setting rich folks who have nothing better to do and plunge our money into luxurious lifestyle out of pure boredom.

Here are some of the photos I've managed to take. Notice how I'm never in any one of those pictures? That is because I'm the one taking the photos, and since I'm quite a loner, and have forgotten to bring the tripod, they may look like pictures taken off from the internet. But if you happen to notice the skinny feet and the book I am reading, and compare them to the photos I've posted of the holiday in Redang, a couple of months back, you'd notice the book is the same. Oh yes, I'm still struggling to complete "The Last Templar".

The room looks comfy, albeit I felt like Goldilocks sleeping in Papa Bear's bed...without the Papa Bear...Who needs Papa Bear when there is a big Plasma TV with CNN and French Channel 24seven...Wait, that's the bummer part. At about 12am, the TV goes off automatically. I know we are all trying to do our bit in saving the world by cutting down energy, but it's when we don't do anything like driving etc, that we need TV!!

View feasted for the eyes during breakfast...

Obviously after breakfast one needs to lie around like pyton and awaits for the digestive system to complete it's job, before one dwells into the pool.

The process of eating-swimming-lepaking by the poolside was repeated. Nothing like doing THAT is definition of relaxing. I was a restless soul until my husband taught me, "Relax...". I use to call him "Relax-Singh"....(he was a punjabi and spent way too much time relaxing....relatively to me of course)
I found this spot near the Jetty Shopping mall, about 1km pleasant walk (obviously when the sun is way down and not on top of one's head) from Westin Hotel. They have duty free shops ranging from Chocolate shops to Coffee Bean. I chose to not sit in Coffee Bean, instead this little join called "Simfoni", which I find interesting as it has free WIFI service and the shop, the only shop facing the sea. I cannot say the same about the human service though. The cashier was probably in her early twenties but her frown and disinterest attitude made her age a couple of years more. Either that or she had not gotten any for quite some time (and I'm not talking about getting internet service by the way)

There is nothing musical about the service as well. The waiter screwed up my simple order, and practically tried to make me eat his mistake. The chef came charging, dragging the waiter who carried the canceled order ,asking me what happened as though I was responsible for the waiter's poor IQ score. I may look very young, but trust me, when I'm annoyed, I sound like a nagging grandmother. I simply told them that their mistake is "not my problem".

It would have been pacifying had the highly recommended Rendang Pizza have a taste of at least Rendang or Pizza, but unfortunately, to my already irritated tongue, it tasted like dried grass on a cardboard. I took one bite and left it there (you try eating dried grass on a cardboard when the chef and the waiter had just pissed your mood off!!!) so that no one can tell me to buzz off for not ordering, in the ultimate motive of accessing the internet. Hey, I did not have internet access for 2days and was suffering from withdrawal symptoms!! The hotel offers internet in the room but at the cost of RM30 and hour. I thought the WIFI by the sea was a better deal. It was. The rest that came with it wasn't. Perfect would have been the Coffee Bean facing the seaside. I guess the Langkawi folks are simply sick of staring at the sea they prefer a glimpse of city life when sipping coffee and staring out through the window.

I can't say I've revisited Langkawi, as 99% of my time was spent abusing the hotel facilities. (Hey, I'm a Malaysian). But I will sometime not too soon. It's a lovely island. How can one not revisit....

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