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Sunday, 6 July 2008

Mubahalah: the ultimate solution.

(This is written as a response to Pahnur's Political mambo) 

The issue of willing or unwilling invasion of the human anus has again appeared in the Malaysian political scene. Someone claiming to be the aide a politician has made a police report claiming that said politician sodomized him. The politician, in retaliation, has conjured up all sorts of accusations to so many other parties, some of whom have nothing to do with the sodomy case. One could easily argue that it is an attempt to distract people’s attention away from the sodomy case but of course, supporters of said politicians would rather die than accept this interpretation of the events.

This highly publicized political drama unfolds yet again and it has sucked in contributions from many parties including the American foreign office, retired prime ministers and past college mates of the accusing party. The said politician is yet again trying to discuss the matter on the political stage instead of the legal one.

As the situation spirals into deeper chaos, the Mufti of Perlis, Dr Mohd Asri Zainal Abidin (Dr MAZA) offers the main players the ultimate way out: the solution that would render all else obsolete and moot but one that has staggering implications.

Dr MAZA’s suggests that both the accuser and the accused perform the Mubahalah which requires that both parties swear in the name of God with the words (translated) “I Swear Wallahi, Wabillahi, Watallahi – I did not do the deed.” Both parties then should add “If I did indeed perform the deed, then let your wrath be upon me”. Once that is done, said Dr MAZA, we should leave the matter in God’s hands for it has passed beyond the hands of man.

Once this deed is done, the issue is now between the person and God, all else has become irrelevant. Should the person be found guilty and imprisoned, he deserves the support of the ummah because he has sworn that he is in the right. Should the person’s accusation fall flat in a human court, it matters not because he has sworn that it is true and it is for the ummah to treat it as such. In the eyes of the ummah he must be a victim and thus deserve all support offered to a victim. However, the price is a terrible one indeed. Performing the mubahalah, if you are in the wrong, invites the wrath of God upon you. If you are lucky, God may take some of the weight of your sin away by punishing you on earth, for part of your sin. Regardless however, performing the mubahalah, if you are guilty, some say, tantamount to condemning your soul to hell for eternity.

I believe this is the ultimate solution. Dr Harussani adds his support saying that Anwar should perform the mubahalah. The good doctor said that every explanation should be given but when there is nothing left to be said, he (Anwar) needs to take this oath.

Even the Chief Minister of Kelantan, the honourable Dato’ Nik Aziz Nik Mat agreed to this, although he proposes the more Malay version of the act, which includes holding the Quran above one’s head.

For me, I am waiting to see which of the two is honourable enough, confident enough in the truth, has enough faith in Allah to take the oath. This is the most honourable and Islamic way out. It shows our ultimate faith in Allah.

It is time to leave all these manmade laws and trappings aside and leave this matter in the hands of the ultimate judge.

The time is now. Shed all this manmade temporary trappings. Put this damnable to rest. Put your faith in Allah, perform the Mubahalah.

God has charged us with so much to do in this world; we do not have the time to waste on this idiocy (the sodomy drama).

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pah nur said...

Agreed. Let the wrath in discussion be "If I lie, God will turn my gastrointestinal system inside out so that my mouth will be at the end and my asshole, is at the beginning, where my mouth is now"
Frankly, as far as I'm concern, up to this point, what the politicians say doesn't make any difference from which end it comes from. Sounds the same to me...

pah nur said...

P/S, the law will have to be reviewed as there will be confusion as to whether it is the crime of sodomy or fellatio that the person who's gotten God's wrath will face each time he has sex...