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Saturday, 5 July 2008

Let's do the Political Limbo....How low can you go?

There are two people that I'd not want to be at this moment in time. One, is Britney Spears and the other is P. Balasubramaniam, former PI to Razak Baginda who's retraction of statutory declaration may earn him roughly about 7 years of jail time if proven of perjury. I have same amount of empathy for both albeit less sympathy for Britney simply because despite it all,the getting caught without panties on, the shaving etc, she's still filthy rich and her latest album did quite well in the charts. (Then again, my feeling about Balasubramaniam may change should I somehow find out in the future, that he is as rich as Britney, even if not as pretty. Who knows. Welcome to Malaysian politics where the theme of the decade is,"sad but true...'???'...". )

Balasubramaniam on the other hand, would probably look ugly going around without underwear or even if he shaves his head bald. He's in a state of "damned if he does and damned if he don't". Poor guy. That's what you get when you're stuck in between two elephants playing amateur chess and on top of it all, both suck at it.

For those of you who have no clue as to what I'm blabbering about, please feel free to browse through my previous post. When you get to the point between feeling nauseas and about to vomit, please get back to this article and join me bitching about the clowns that managed to hold top posts in Malaysia.

How did we allow such idiots to run our beloved country is beyond my imagination. Let me see,Anwar is being sodomized by sodomy elegations resurrected. He in turn is trying to get back at Mahathir via Lingam tape. Najib came up with the latest Anwar's asshole(and I mean it literally) of the month, claiming the buggered came in to see him at his office for some education support then later admitted the boy came to tell on how Anwar rode on him and buggered his end part of the digestive system.(why would anyone run to a guy who is being implicated to bombing a Mongolian Model/broker of submarine to pieces is beyond me?). I'm not surprise if there is another bloody politician, if not Anwar, who is behind the implicating Altantuya to Najib and Rosmah.

If I have my Benson & Hedges Golden Dreams come true, I'd like to put all of these chess players in one row and give them two tight slaps each. One is for forgetting the reason why politicians are elected in the first place.

God Damnit!!! Have they forgotten the real issues? It's not about them or what happens to their assholes, we've got our own problem trying to afford the toilet roll to wipe ours. The bloody issue is US, THE RAKYAT. We are struggling on daily basis, trying to make end's meet. We're coping with the hiked oil price and wondering everyday what else can we cut down to make sure our children have decent food and education. There are some parts of Malaysia that still haven't gotten the benefit of electricity (believe it or not and someone should inform Ripley about it).

Most of us work so hard and probably have forgotten how the sun looks like because we are already at work by the time the sun peeps over the horizon and we leave our offices, without a chance to bid good night to the sun. Let me not start on the traffic jam going and coming home from work.

We struggle to find quality time to spend with our children because the education system is not up to standard and most of the parents have to rely on tuition to help their children cope. These are the real issues the bloody politicians should be tackling. (I'm not going to mention global warming just yet because our politicians are still stuck at level 1. They have a long way to go before they are allowed to enter the next level). Instead, they are too preoccupied with dipping each others' nose into others' assholes. I can't even think of a medical term for that.

The second tight slap is for wasting tax payer's money sponsoring for their politicking. A mattress loaded with sperm carried in and out of court,requires transportation and man power, try calculating the cost (a shopaholic would be able to perform this mental calculation in a jift). Don't let me start on the cost of court proceedings. A C-4 bomb is money blasted to pieces for unnecessary cause. Waste of tax payer's money. I bet many low income RAKYAT would appreciate that cash.

The world is talking about how to beat global warming from green house effect and plunging money into research and development towards finding alternative to petroleum.They are talking about geothermal, solar, wind to generate power. And what are the Malaysians talking about? The politicians asses. How lame and backward.

Where do the Malaysian tax payers' money go to? Apparently space, to conduct experiments that until today seem vague and of course, to cover legal fees when each of those politicians get dragged into court for whatever it is they were caught doing. I use the word "caught" because, god knows what else they have been doing that have escaped the public eye and frankly, I don't think I can stomach any more revelations at this point of time.

"How low can you go?" It's that Mambo where everyone competes to dance their way by bending their body as low as they could get to pass a certain horizontal bar. Our politician today are dancing to that beat and competing with each other to become a low life.

Here's a summary to what's happening now:

Anwar is having his revenge on Mahathir. Mahathir retaliates. Anwar again is trying to get Najib out of the scene to becoming PM. Najib reciprocates by attempting to ensure Anwar's ass keeps bleeding.

My 2cents worth of prophecy:

Notice how Badawi still haven't gotten anything on him....yet? (Finally found something more dramatic than a Bollywood movie...). While all the other political clowns try to wipe off the others' happy face make up, Badawi remains quiet and "clean" (you are "clean" until proven otherwise, beyond any reasonable and unreasonable doubt to make matters worse), and probably wins the rat race just by staying calm and obtuse.

Unless....unless (well, everyone loves a conspiracy theory), Tengku Razali wins in the next UMNO election, maybe we will have another player in this multi strip chess game, sponsored by the Malaysian tax payers, or course. I'm not really thrilled with this choice but in politics,apparently everyone is a Satan. Our job, is to determine which Satan can get the job done. Currently, almost all this herd of Satans are evil AND cannot get the job done. What a bunch of loosers. It's more to do with someone who had failed to scratch the other's back, leading to a chain reaction resulting in the upset of the balance of "you scratch my back I scratch yours" equilibrium, necessary in maintaining a so called harmonious government.

Yes, a government based on extortion of "I know what you did last summer therefore you shut up and I shut up, unless...." game plan. Is it too much to speculate based on rumours that it all started during Soros time where little did Soros knew his speculation woulld lead to an early crack in the long ruling UMNO led BN party. Mahathir vs Anwar and Malaysian politics never recovered in integrity there on. Or perhaps earlier than that? All I have are rumours and funny enough, in Malaysia, rumours tend to be true. That was proven by Badawi's denial to getting married and Najib's denial to the increase in oil price then gadabamm!! We found out only three days to three months later, that the rumours are actually facts.

The sad part is these individuals don't realize that they are insulting the rakyat's intelligence. They actually think we are stupid to the point of moribund. Perhaps that is why the education system is below international par of excellence. To ensure the rakyat stay stupid so that only the selected ones who can afford to send their children to private school rules. It's the same tactic use to enhance Proton sales, but that is another story.

Honestly, when is it going to end? We need CHANGE. We need a government that governs and not get caught up in their own web of political gimmicks. We need someone who understands that the issues are US, not them. We need a Maverick who can lead Malaysia towards a country of integrity. We do not need International aid to help us clean us up. We can do this ourselves. I don't have a clue as to how, I'm sure no one at this point does. But change IS mandatory.

Watching in frustration at the political drama in Bolehwood, that has been going on hitherto, a sad thought crossed my mind as it again,reminded me of that dance that goes ,"How Low Can You Go?"....

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