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Monday, 6 July 2009

I did not do it, Nobody saw me do it, Can't Prove anything....

I have problems digesting Darwin's Theory of Evolution. Mainly because I think that a reverse Darwin would explain much more. A human is what he is conditioned to become, by his environment/situation he lives in. Judging by the appalling ongoing drama going on in Malaysian politics, not to mention the hoo haa in our parliament, it is only logical to think that human are indeed, going AI on this one, the reverse way, and I don't mean AI as in American Idol or Artificial Intelligence...(hint..hint...).

(N.B.Just a tip on medical before I proceed, since a thought occurred to me upon mentioning AI. Should your sons experience the insertion of anti-pyretics anal suppositories or even a thermometer shoved in through his asshole, and they somehow seem to not cry in fact enjoy it, unless you are okay with them being gay, I suggest you should start worrying then. I'm quite sure there are many other politicians who quietly enjoy their temperature taken from the rear end, it was AI who was unfortunately caught, oh wait! It was their sperms on that darn mattress that almost get caught but didn't due to some technicalities.... so I suppose until I have another reference to use, I suppose for now, AI will just have to do)

Now, back on track, why do I say humans, well, some, are fast evolving into apes? Well, read this and tell me the people responsible for this outrageous deed can be categorize as belonging to the homo sapien.

‘Ray of hope’ that turned out to be a nightmare'

If this piece of news does not stir immense anger within you, most likely you too are experiencing the AI version of Darwin's Theory, and I beg you to go seek treatment before you hit hirsutism.

Oh, and here's a true story. I had saved these links on Microsoft Words and ironically, could not find it this morning. The fifth time I looked, I saw the letters WTF, and it dawned to me, that that was how I felt at the moment I saved it. Really, I'm a scatter brain. Here, have a ball feasting your eyes upon these people who claim they care.

Taman Sinar Harapan is a place to care for the Mentally Special (Orang Kurang Upaya Akal), here are the objectives:

Objective Taman Sinar Harapan

Oh well, we all know Malaysians are good at coming up with idea in order to create income from the loop holes. Don't you ever wonder where all the "DERMA" go to? Implementation is our number one problem. Oh, that and maintenance...I'm sure most of us can agree to agree on that this.

Here's the Dasar OKU
And here's the Expert Opinion regarding this matter...
If that is not enough, I give you the Carta Organisasi of JKM. Very impressive indeed, got carta and all...reminded me of Kementerian Kesihatan days - "Everything looks alright until you dwell in them"

And here's the Selangor branch...getting hotter...

JKM Selangor

Oh what the heck, I'll throw in an AKTA ORANG KURANG UPAYA just for fun.

And if you have nothing better to do, feel free to bug them with questions, in HERE and HERE

Apparently, the e-mail received complaining about this incident came from "overseas". I don't think it was "Penang, or Sabah/Sarawak, Langkawi" kind of overseas, but I can't help but to wonder whether this, like most of the things that gets highlighted in Malaysia, is the work of some political chess play. I say that because, guess who stands at the top most of this JKM "Food Chain" ? Walla....I give you Shahrizat's Department...never saw her taking photos with any one of these naked OKU mental...hmm....not photogenic I presume...

Last but definitely not the least, here is my prediction of the Kementerian's (all that should be held accountable) response to crisis, besides the famous, or rather infamous utilization of what we call "The Point System" (it's wnen you get to point A and you will be pointed to point B, and so forth), this video is the standard response to crisis by any Kementerian; take a listen...........

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