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Saturday, 11 July 2009

A Vegan F1 ?

Remember this line from Forrest Gump? No...not "Run Forrest Run..."..that one is the Govern-MENTAL theme, when the "Point System" failed to procrastinate (err...point system as in if you go to Counter A, they point you to Counter Z and back and forth like a squash ball) . Nope, not that one. It's this one I'm talking about :

“Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get.”

Actually if you make a habit of finishing the whole box, on more than one occasion, you more or less can prophesize what you're going to get, but we are not here to talk about migraines and liposuctions, or nymphomaniacs (you mean you don't know? Chocolates are said to have aphrodisiac properties). Well, apparently Scientists of Warwick University found that chocolate can be a source for biofuel. But wait!! Before I embark into the biofuel chocolate story, why is that there is no terminology for men who are hyper sexed, unlike women with the "nympho" term? Is it because all men are hyper sexed so a masculine term for nymphomaniac is simply "men"? or is it because women are hypo-sexed but when they match that of a man's desire for sex, they are termed hyper sexed? Hmm..the law of relativity so applies here.

Another thing. I always wonder why some people are so not comfortable talking about sex. It's especially when they need to talk about it, like when they have problems "getting it up" is when they fall into the choice of keeping mum. I notice though, it's those who don't like joking or talking about sex are the ones who are really sexually active, under the radar (well, if you have at least 4 kids, and well, there's a lot of hard work involved in getting one kid, based on the stressful lifestyle in this modern world, well, you do the math...). Talk about action speaks louder eh? Those who talk about it as though it is like talking about what to eat 3 hours from now, are those who are quite harmless. Well, empty bottles makes the most noises.

Hmm...then again, I come from a medical background. We use to crack "dirty jokes" when we run out to get us some lunch. Dirty jokes were all we could manage since none of us even had time for masturbation during mad..I mean med school. Come to think of it, we never really had time for anything else after graduation except listening to other people's story about their sexual encounters and adventures, and the side effects that got them to sit on the chair in our consultation room. See...I bet you are feeling uncomfortable reading this. I rest my case.

How come, I wonder at times, that we can spend hours passionately talking about food and eating them for example and when it comes to sex, we get uncomfortable. Sex is just human needs, just like we need to eat, pee, defecate, pray, love, sleep etc etc etc. Of course the Church wasn't any help when they insisted even married couples should practice abstinence..I mean, helloooo...what's the point of a marriage then? Might as well don't bother about getting married not to mention the catastrophe of divorce should it come to that if you are not going to have sex. Just hold hands until both sexual organs just shrivel like dried prunes.

For Muslims however, sex is a very important thing (and that's almost ALL we talk about ; Check out the Malay papers and mags and see how many stories involving artist "kena tangkap basah") that basically run the establisments such as JAIS or JAKIM or kawasan kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya. They are so efficient, that couples get caught "sebelum sempat basah lagi". They are more active in catching the sexually active in the community lot, so much so, that when women who were divorced by their husbands walk into the Pejabat Ugama, half the staff will not be around due to either attending courses (probably inte-courses) or out in the park to catch couples. Either or, there are many backlogged casses of child support unsettled by fathers who's idea of making babies are enjoying the process of getting there and what happens to the product of that sperm that made it, was totally ignored. Oh well, that's just my thoughts. I talk about sex as though I'm constantly having multiple orgasms, when in truth, even my cat is more active in the community than I am, err..sexually...wait...I can't even be compared to my cat because the only way I'd get laid is probably if someone comes and rape me...oh, did I make you uncomfortable again? Well, stop reading then...
(The actual purpose of this article will be finally revealed once you enter the rabbit hole clicking the link below)

Having that curiosity out of the way (the same curiosity that did not kill the darn cat), here is what this article is all about. Apparently, latest discovery revealed that chocolate has become the source of energy. Soon we may have a Vegan Car on the market.

"Scientists of Warwick University believe that this car is the fastest car to be powered by biofuel and to be made of biodegradable plant based fiber materials. The designer of the car believes that the car can reach speeds of even over 145 mph when the car is being tested on race tracks in a few weeks time. They also believe that the car gives a fair amount of knowledge and ideas about how to build more eco-friendly vehicles."

I'm thrilled about the going green part, but I don't know about watching F1 in slow motion mode though. last I checked, Mika Haekkinen/Finland and David Coulthard/Scotland have set up a new formula 1 speed record for the Hockenheim Circuit: 356 kilometres/hour (that's more than 221 miles/hour) and a Mclaren F1, on March 31, 1998, reached 386.7 km/h, charting it's record on the Guinness Book of Record; read it HERE

If you're into chocolate indulgence, then read it HERE and how is that possible?

This is what I love about science. We can make cars eat chocolate if we want to. I wonder if this will give the dudes in Pixar ideas on "Cars" the sequel, with characters of cars fueled by chocolate. Hmm...maybe they can throw in a couple of "horny cars" fueled by aphrodisiac chocolate characters to spice up the storyline. Wow, that would be like a "Dynasty" version of "Cars"...

Cars in the future may run on chocolate. The plus point apart from saving the planet is having another good excuse to be late for work besides the cliche "traffic jam" excuse. (Oh in fact, saving the planet is just an excuse to be late for work). The setback however, would be for us chocolate lovers, as the tendency to run out of fuel before "fuel" even enter the tank is higher in probability (chocolate lovers will eat the wrappers if they are made out of chocolate!!!)
(Chocoholic article ends here)
...Click here to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes.....


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