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Friday, 17 July 2009

The Original MoonWalk...1969 (up"dated" and upgraded version.)..)

This is the updated (I mean, literally) and upgraded version of the later post, posted promised;..sorry..can't make it any smaller...

A restored NASA footage of Apollo 11 released 16th July 2009 (US time...not Malaysian time..which by the way could mean a day or even a week later)

And then...there's color all of a sudden:
Restored footage NASA's Apollo 11 mission highlights;

Or if you have the time and patience to watch it from NASA sources, (needs Quicktime application, and too it is not as quick as youtube); click HERE . And here's what could have happened to the original footage;

( Below : Posted yesterday; 16th July 2009)
Today marks man’s 40th Anniversary from the time he took the “a small step for man, a giant leap for mankind” . Yes, the same date, 16th July 16, 2009 ,(PLEASE REFER TO FOOTNOTE FOR COMMENT OF THIS DATE) 40 years ago, Neil Armstrong graced his humanly weight unto the moon soil. For many, it was a proud moment that inspired the generations to come. For some, it was merely an American propaganda during the time of Nixon. (albeit I do have my doubts as to whether he was capable of pulling such a stunt, considering he could not even get away with “Watergate”).

Apparently, NASA had announced that It will release an improved footage of Apollo 11. At the time of this writing, I am still awaiting for the release. However, I post to you the earlier version. Here, take a look - who knows, you may be the first to catch a glimpse of Nixon's nasal reflection in the background and prove once and for all, that it was all a scam. Below is the released footage (the original seem to have been missing apparently) followed by the latest improved quality video. Well, whatever said and done, I post to you “Man’s first steps on the Moon”.


The MOONWALK ...MJ did a better job frankly; I wonder if he could do it as well should it actually be on the moon..we'll never know now would we?


Below, the improved video:

For those who love to indulge in conspiracy theories, nothing wrong with that, considering the fact that there is no reason for us to trust megalomaniac authorities (CIA, ISA , ARABS and many more abbreviations… oh wait, ARABS is not an abbreviation) I give you some of the links which I find interesting - Conspiracy theories ; written in Wikipedia, due to the MISSING DATA and REASONS WHY IT'S FAKE. You can also indulge in MOONMOVIE and HERE . Have fun looking for the truth....

For many years, Neil Armstrong, had stayed under the radar past his historical rendezvous with the moon. Recently, he started giving interviews. Watch his first;

I posted the video below, to show you how sometimes, people can misinterpret a simple speech. Why? Mentally challenged runs high on the probability list, but hey, it's always nice to see people do it in public, the misconception I meant. The actual speech comes after the amateur finished mumbling. Take a listen;

Fraud or not, men had progressed tremendously from the day the controversy of whether Armstrong really did landed on the moon or on Hollywood's "Star Trek" shooting ground. Today, space endevours are more common than the rampant zits occurring in teenagers. Satellites are launched with less hassle then launching, say the firecrackers during any festive seasons. I never thought I could sit and actually call anyone from anywhere on the surface of the earth, whilst sitting and waiting for my bowel to remove yesterday's dinner (provided I remember to top up my mobile he he..). Indeed, it was a giant leap for mankind. For those who are interested, you can click on NASA TV, to catch the video, scheduled to be released today.

FOOTNOTE: Thanks to Planet of the Monyet, who pointed out that I made a mistake with the date. Actually man landed on the moon on 20th July 1969 (thank god I got the year right). Like I told Planet of the Monyet, I was never good with dates (as in both the "when" and "with who" kinda dates.....oh, not even with the fruits) and names (unless they are in Latin like Gluteus Maximus, Satarius, Clamydia or something like that)...I sometimes forget my own birthday, I'm not joking......never paid attention in History class, nor history in general...courtesy of Napoleon who haunts me with those words "history is a set of lies, agreed upon". I'm more of a Maths person (ppfff...that'll explain the wrong date...). But yes, I made a mistake with the date, my apologies. But if Apollo 11 was actually a fraud....i guess not much harm is done in getting the dates mixed up right ;-D


Planet of the Monyets said...

Pah Nur,
I think you got the dates mixed up. Apollo 11 left Earth on 16th July. Neil and Buzz set foot on the moon on 20th July. An excellent post nevertheless.

PahNur said...

Never good with dates (as in both the "when" and "with who" kinda dates)and names...never paid attention in History class, nor history in general...courtesy of Napoleon who haunts me with those words "history is a set of lies, agreed upon". I'm more of a Maths person (ppfff...that'll explain the wrong date..._

But yes, I made a mistake with the date, my apologies. However, I won't correct it - otherwise, your comment will not be significant. Thanx for pointing it out!!!

P/S let's see, who else paid attention :-D

Planet of the Monyets said...

Since you are posting videos pertaining to the moon landing, perhaps you want to have a look at this hilarious clip where Ali G interviews Buzz Aldrin.


PahNur said...

LOL!! An interview with the NON-Intelligent Life form apparently here on planet earth...poor Buzz...