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Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Browse through these photos and tell me, who do you think, just by looking at them, have HIV/AIDS ?

You can't. HIV and AIDS do not discriminate, so WHY SHOULD WE?

As a medical officer in the general hospital, I have handled enough HIV/AIDS patients to know that NO ONE SHOULD SUFFER THIS DEBILITATING DISEASE. The other thing that I found out about this disease, is the society's stigma and prejudice against people who have AIDS/HIV.

While we are still struggling to look for the cure of this deadly disease, here's what the rest of the world, who are lucky enough not to have contracted AIDS/HIV can do to help. How about giving these unfortunate citizen of the earth some empathy, it's totally cost free. Think about it. They may be have AIDS/HIV, and are trying their best in getting treatment. What about the people who suffer from prejudice and lack of empathy. Who is going to treat this invisible disease of the heart?

Let's do out bit. Support the cause for HIV / AIDS.


Violet Phantasy, Amethyst Dreams said...

I agree. Precisely, it's the disease of the heart that needs to remedied.

I know for the fact that there are many, especially female victims who'd prefer not to tell anyone of their ailment. Not only they fear rejection but to be treated differently - as an outcast or as someone so special that they can't breathe!

Hepatitis is like a contagious curse to many ignorant Earthlings. The nicer ones would slowly wean them out of being in contact with the victim/s (be it family or otherwise) with the thought that they will day...soon.

PahNur said...

Violet Phantasy,
And that is why we need to create awareness amongst as many humans as possible regarding these diseases. The victims of such debilitating diseases need not die from a heartbreak unnecessarily inflicted by ignorant society.