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Friday, 4 December 2009


They say "Ignorance is Bliss". In the case of 2012 phenomenon, well, it depends. It would be nice not to know when the world will apparently end. Then again, a mind of capitalist would probably drive a person to maximize their credit card and loan limits, if they are convinced that such a phenomena will materialized. Well, if one do take up such huge loans, you're more or less dead anyway, past 2012.

Frankly, when the 2012 phenomenon caught my attention, my reaction was, "But I thought galactic alignment happens annually? Okay, who's hoaxing and why?". Pardon me for the irony but after researching and posting "The Clouded Truth; Watt's Up or Watts Down?", I have a high index suspicion that all this "global warming" mumbo jumbo could only be some kind of manipulation of science for the benefit of certain small group of people.

For instance, apart from financial benefits to company that support global warming, it may well be to get China to cut down their carbon emission, hence retarding their economic growth globally and the impending future economic empire. And it won't be the first time either. In short, when the "oligarchies"pockets are in dire need for more money, there will be war and some kind of scientific manipulation used as an excuse. "Malthus's Scarcity of Food theory" is one of them. Like most, these theories comes with genocidal strings attached to them. Oh but I went on a tangent there.

Then I saw this documentary "Nostradamus : 2012" on Astro's History channel. Below, click on video to watch the trailer and a full documentary that will make PMS look like Tiger Woods sitting beside her 2.45am golf-club-swinging-wife,(apparently, "two hole in one" is achievable....isn't Tiger THE golfer of the century or what), in the History Channel on You Tube, AND click HERE to view in 12 parts . Better still, watch it on Astro, just as long as you did not forget to pay it's bill and the account is still active.

It is interesting to note that Nostradamus and the Egyptians' calculation of the time when the world ends, coincides with the end of the calculation of the 5,125-year Mayan Long Count Calendar. , suggesting the end of the world.

I would not so much as worry about what is the Mayan's take on this, due to simple logic such as;

1. It's a long count calendar and it's not repetitive. The Mayans have to stop counting at some point sometime right?

2. The Mayan civilization suddenly collapse sometime in 900AD. Obviously they did not see THAT one coming their way, so much for prophecy. They should have spent all that time, calculating the long calendar, on procreation instead, thus they would have not suffered extinction.

But you have to admire the amazing skill of our ancestors in astronomy as by simply gazing up to the sky and observe, they are able to come up with the astrological calculations of the galactic cycles. Then again, they did not have phenomenons like Satellite TV, Facebook and Twitter, porn sites on internet, to keep them indoors.

So what could happen on 21st December 2012?

(Click on Rabbit hole to find out how deep it goes......)

Amongst some of the things predicted to happen on 21st December 2012 are;

1. Decrease in magnetic pull of the earth; according to some Astrophysicists and scientists, the earth experiences decrease in magnetic pull in certain times. check out the Video from NASA to see what the scientist have to say about this.

2. Chaos in communication network due to the emission of Galactic Superwave :- OMG!!! This is definitely a cause for panic!!! What?!!! No mobile connection, internet connection, Satellite TV ???!!! We're only left with printed media? Buggered!! Now THAT is definitely DOOMSDAY!!

If you have time, and you're obsessed in finding out what may happen in 2012, it is worth while to watch this video, an interview by Project Camelot with Dr Paul LaViolette. It will explain to you regarding the galactic superwave and many other phenomenon based on his view point. Take note of the method to which the interview was undertaken. It's a low budget scene, so it has to be non propaganda in nature. Hmmm....

After watching this video, you may have mixed feelings and finally, it will dawn to you, why scientists have a personality of Eeyore and varicose veins in their scalp to match it (they use up too much energy supplied by blood vessels for the intense thinking processes, so much so, the blood are detained longer in the brain vessels, including the superficial ones hence the varicose). But you may also note how small and vulnerable we human are in this huge abyss of galaxies.....

It is interesting to know though (if you actually paid attention to the video above), that there was a big event of Supergalactic wave that occurred (based on the measurement of Berilium in the ice) shortly before the Mayan started their calendar. Perhaps that was what the Mayans were trying to warn us about? The bummer is these calculation tends to have a plus minus difference of about a 100 years, so hold on to that maximizing you credit cards loans.

In the video, if you have not fallen asleep at the part where he mentioned that, the only way for humans to get warning of the coming of Super Galactic Waves, that of course travel at the speed of light, is when other intelligent beings out there send signals in superluminal or FTL (faster than light) speed to warn us. We cannot be arrogant in thinking that we are the only beings created by God to destroy...I mean occupy one of the galaxies. Just because we have not come in contact with intelligent beings out there, it doesn't mean that they don't exist, even Calvin and Hobbes know that:

3. End of time. According to Fulcanelli, a Master Alchemist with and undercover name (how cool is that?); the then, powerful Freemasons, under the governance of the Templars were responsible for constructing churches in their times, had left clues of prophecies of the end of time that coincides with the year 2012. That was how much free time they had to spare those days, I envy them.

A thought just floated by and I cannot help but wonder, are there any present monument in our civilization that is carved with clue for the future generation to pick up? If anything, in Malaysia, the only clue we may leave from the construction of our buildings, (assuming it will resume to exist past 10 years), to our future generation would probably be how clueless we are in this generation.

Apart from the gorgeous Petronas Twin Tower, and the KL tower, really, what kind of message would we send the next Muslim generation when we built the formerly known as LUTH (Lembaga Urusan Tabung Haji) building? I mean, they were making a big hoo haa over the name "LUTH", that sounded un-Islamic, but disregarded the fact that the whole building looks like a beer glass. And here's a little secret. Someone I know told me that the architect of LUTH went out with him for a couple rounds of Heineken and got his inspiration at a bar down town KL, looking at the beer glass!!! How ironic is that?!! (I'm okay with beer glass shape, or sexy woman shape, whatever....but to jump on English word used, instead of seeing the bigger picture...LOL!!)

Some Astrophysicists and scientists may not agree on some matters, but they agreed on one thing; that the alignment of the sun, earth and galaxy, do not have any impact in a form of catastrophic event, nor any event at all. But the dangers may come from the other galactic activities going on out there, that have nothing to do with the alignment of the galaxy and apparently, we by cyclical calculations, are overdue of one Galactic Superwave coming our way, and Ice Age ensues, like it normally do after each wave. Hmm....didn't that just suggest Ice Age is coming anyway?

From the video I've just posted, according to Jay Weidner, a book "History of the Cathedral" written by and anonymous alchemist, using the pseudonym Fulcanelli, was written in 1926. A new chapter, "The Cyclic Cross of Handaye" was added when the book was reprinted in the late 50s. Weidner concluded that someone had somehow learned the Mayan knowledge of 2012 and engraved the secret clues onto the Cross of Handaye, which bore the trademark of Mayans, which is the Sun. I got to thinking, if so, then the idea of 2012 obtained from the Cross of Handaye, no longer can be considered as parallel, since it could be originated from the Mayans. Below is the symbol that connects:

Below; these are the symbols carved at the base of the "Cycle of Handaye"

The short video below will demonstrate how they interpreted the "clues" carved onto the "Cross of Handaye" and came to the conclusion that 2012 will be the end of the world and they've also suggested a "Place of Refuge". Do take a listen before you can appreciate my next paragraph ;-D

They are WRONG!!! The only place in this world where 3 marks ( the Sun, the moon, even the star) can be found is not in Mt Kailash in the Tibetian Himalayas, but in HERE. (Oh, go on click on it...). So now you know where the actual "Place of Refuge" is. Don't go anywhere 21st December 2010. If you're still not convinced, the 4As actually represents the first alphabet of our Prime Ministers; Abdul Rahman, Abdul Razak, Abuya, Ayah Pin and Ahmad Badawi (Wait!!! We even have an extra "A"...this phenomenon of many many "A"s can also be seen in our children's exam results. Malaysia Boleh!!!). Well Abuya and Ayah Pin was supposed to be the third and fourth prime minister, but the sex part got in the way, so, Hussain Onn and Mahathir somehow changed the fate. Ah well, we are Malaysians. Just like Proton, we can never get anything 100% right( Screw the prophecy) and most of us lack foresight. Well, all except Mahathir because his vision of Malaysia went way beyond 2012. Looks like we may never achieve Vision 2020 after all, albeit my suspicion is that it has nothing to do with the alignment of the galaxy.

Ummmm....of course..just like our banking systems and currently BN, every thing in this world have to be Islamized. (Bunga Orkid ka, Bunga Raya ka, Bunga Rose ka, Bunga Taik Ayam ka, kalau dah bunga tu, bunga jugak need to call it Islamic Banking kan?)

Speaking of "Islamic", if you notice, no one bothered to ask any Islamic scholars regarding 2012 . I don't blame them, as these "scholars" (inverted commas intended as nowadays we must check the credibility of whoever who preaches even at a private gathering as what one former Mufti Besar found out the hard way) may just issue a death sentence based on some bizarre line of "thinking" process that will lead to some equally if not shocking fatwa or worse, global death sentence like the one Salman Rushdie had. People are just learning to enjoy the benefits of Viagra and no one is keen on "dying hard".

So let me do the honor. According to (Yusuf Ali) 75:6-9

"He questions: "When is the Day of Resurrection?". At length, when the sight is dazed. And the moon is buried in darkness. And the sun and moon are joined together".

So there you go. The only way this could happen is when the moon and sun falls out of their orbits, and no one have touched this issue.

The question that needs answering is "How did the conclusion to all the predicted mishaps comes down to 21st December 2012?" Honestly, to me it's just baseless. I don't buy Astrology. Call me ironic, but if according to the palm reader who read my hands a few years back,(at a party, free reading for fun), I was suppose to be married sometime last year. And here I am, banging the balls that I don't have.

As for Nostradamus, well, he keeps repeating the word famine, war, death. Tell me, since when the earth have ever been free from these phenomenons? I have not come across anyone who dare come up with a prediction, by far, rather, what was normally done was they go back to check up on Nostradamus's book AFTER something bad had happen. It seemed that they fitted the event into his quatrains. Frankly, if 2012 goes by without a single meaningful event, except of course if Samy Velu decided to quit politics, then these interpreters of the work of Nostradamus may make him a Nostra-dumb-ass.

So that leaves us with the question "Who came up with this idea of 2012? Who am I kidding. The world have not even been able to solve the mystery of the death of JFK, or Altantuya, come to think of it, what makes me think I can solve this mystery. So I'm going to let this one go. I've got better things to do the next 2 years, JUST IN CASE I'M WRONG ABOUT THE 2012 PHENOMENON.

We all know, sometime, the world is going to end. I mean, if you're Mother Earth herself, after witnessing a long standing deplorable record of human profanities and what extent of destruction they are capable of , wouldn't you at least have some suicidal thoughts? But life has to go on right, and it ain't over till it's over...."it's not so much about the destination, rather the journey", unless of course your destination is HELL...then I suggest we better make the journey a meaningful one then.

I have a sneaky suspicion though, that I will die preoccupied;

...Click here to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes.....


Eddie H said...

I think the thing to which i agreed most in your piece was what Calvin said.

PahNur said...

Said like a true cartoon character!!! :)