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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Onnu + Rendu + Moonu = (trillion USD) 2035

This post is made possible by an alert from my apt but terribly shy reader, who will not be happy should I reveal his/her identity. I shall thank him/her for the lead story by referring to him/her as W...thank you W, this one's for you.


First it was the tempering of the data in East of Anglia University giving rise to the Climategate. Now, apparently the the IPCC had miscalculated the timing of the predicted melting of the Himalaya, by 300 years. Frankly, this reminds me of the mamak stall, whereby, every time they miscalculate the bill, and unlucky enough to get caught by a meticulous customer, it will never be miscalculated less...always more. It's some kind of a Mamak Stall rule of thumb or something.

Needless to say, the IPCC had miscalculated the melting of glaciers making the Himalayas to "supposedly melt to oblivion ergo disappear" in 2035 instead of 2350. How convenient. Hmm...300 years...that's probably an average of nearly 4 reincarnations of a human life....and I lost count with cats' lives. This whole miscalculating here, and miscalculating there is beginning to smell like a plot of thickened kari basi...

After all the profit bagged from Carbon Tax, the culprit behind the Al-Gore's Global Warming most likely won't be around to be prosecuted. They won't be around to listen to their name being tarnished in history. What's in a name when you can bag in billions and die a filthy rich man right?

Do read the article below;


Here's a point to ponder. How can scientists predict when a glacier will melt, when they cannot even predict when a volcano will erupt?

Why am I dragging the volcano into this? Well, apparently, volcanic eruptions causes decrease of global temperature. Do click on effects of volcanic eruptions on global climate in pdf (this may take a while to download but a worthwhile browse) or in Scientific American's "How do volcanoes affect world climate?" to find out by far, how past volcanic actions have managed to decrease the global temperature by a certain degrees.

Whilst quasi periodic climate patterns such as El Niño and La Nina have mixed impact on global temperature, e.g, El Niño may decrease or increase the global temperature whilst La Nina decreases global temperature one cannot really come up with a prophesy of a volcanic eruption. It'll be like a tarrot card read gone bad really.

As much as the world mourns for the loss of lives and the suffering of Haiti people due to the recent unfortunate quake, this earthquake may reduce the global temperature to a certain degree. We do not know how many more earth quakes that will erupt in the future, and I'm sure the scientists can't predict this either. So what if the earthquakes are the negative feedback to the global climate, forming a kind buffer to the increasing global temperature. Will this not mean that the global warming may not reach the predicted catastrophic level?

But I have to add, should the increase temperature cause the volcano to erupt, which by the way the matter have been raised but not proven, then perhaps it is our duty to explore beyond the alleged carbon cause of global warming (of which is disputable), to find out the real cause and spend our time and energy combating the real cause, should there really be one that the universe cannot "kaotim"...and of course, this is assuming we are entering global warming and not global cooling.

Wonder what else will emerge "miscalculated" in the future....the intelligence of IPCC?


Planet of the Monyets said...

Can I arrange a romantic candle light between you and Rajendra Pachauri ?.

Apparently he comes to Malaysia quite often because he has been made the Chair of Energy Economics at UNITEN.

PahNur said...

Candlelight dinner? have to get me totally drunk first to agree to this..the only Islamic way to get drunk is to drink the tapai water...that one halal, no problem of getting whipped in a non leathery manner after that :-D

The post stated:
"I do suggest that the glaciological community might consider advising the IPCC about ways to avoid such egregious errors as the 2035 versus 2350 confusion in the future," says Mr Cogley.

No need for glaciological community to advice...let me give the IPCC some good advice;

1. Learn Mathematics in Bahasa Malaysia, definitely NOT in English, so that the standard of Mathematics will be elevated to a higher level up there, hence, no problem with committing error in calculating such vital data.

2. Don't use the abacus, especially if it's made in India, because if the indian team can tamper with the cricket balls, one can imagine what else they can tamper with. Use solar energized calculators...and hope that we're not headed for global cooling, otherwise this gadget will also become obsolete.

3. Should start calculating on Feb 29, a leap year,so that if they want the glaciers to melt in 2035 instead of 2350, then this can be made possible, by considering it to be a year,after each 29th Feb.

4. Do not to calculate using the "Islamic" calendar....the cycle is too short, the melting of Himalaya will be predicted to happen after doomsday. Use the Mayan calendar, better. It's non repetitive and once the it reaches the end of it, they can all stop counting and we can all carry on with life without any worries.

5. IPCC personnel should get regular optometrist review.

6. Should be planted with Pinocchio genes so that anyone who lies, will have to measure their nose instead of depth of the glaciers.

7. Do not take the number "Zero" for granted. Have some respect for every number. Even though zero is worth nothing, don't chuck the zero anywhere they please. See what is the outcome when you put the zero in between the numbers 235 instead of at the end of it. Heard of the term "From Zero to Hero"? Please, have some respect for "sifar" the oldest amongst all numbers.

8. Ran out of ideas, any more suggestions anyone?