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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

New World Order??

They say “History repeats itself”. (True. I'm still dating cruel men, albeit that is not what this post is all about. ) But have anyone questioned why? If you ask me, I’d say that “History repeats itself because we do not learn from them” ergo, we keep repeating the mistakes over and over again, expecting a different outcome every time, which is not going to happen by the way. In tennis, our coach had taught us that we needed to stop, take a deep breath then focus again, if we want to break the cycle of series of mistakes we make in a game.

Yes. History repeats itself because we allow it to. That is why history makers, not in a good sense of it, keep using the same old trick. I mean, why not, the public are ignorant and gullible for the same trick. Why teach a dog new tricks when it's entertained with the same old one.

What am I ranting about? Well, there’s a big hoo haa going on now regarding Mahathir’s speech implying that apparently the Jewish were the ones responsible for orchestrating the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. Well, anyone who comments that he is senile obviously have not done any research on the matter and is commenting for the heck of commenting and jumping on the band wagon in order to look cool and sound amiable, just to fit into the bunch that is somehow outraged with that statement. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a big fan of the Arabs nor the Jews.

The smart Arabs did the one brilliant move, which was to migrate out of that continent, amongst them, my great grandfather to which I owe him, my utmost gratitude. Otherwise, baju “kurung” would be my least problem.

The Arabs are not all that humane either, read their history full of blood shed if you don’t believe me. Having Islam trusted upon them, or so they claim, does not mean that they are immune towards scrutiny. For those who think embracing Islam is synonym to becoming an Arab, you may want to take a look at their history before committing to do so. A good book to read for this would be “Chasing the Mirage” by Tarek Fatah.

To understand the toxic problem we have today, leading to the 9/11 tragedy and the “war on terrorism” that followed, we need to go back to the roots of the problem. In medical line, we treat the symptoms in order to buy time exploring the root cause of any disease. Ultimately, to stop the disease, we need to determine and treat the root cause.

I would say, the root of the problem is British Imperialism. Great Britain granted us "Independence" but they never left, at least not in our minds. We have attained independence probably, but not yet freedom. If we are free, tell me then, what is the need for us to join the Commonwealth Organization and still be dictated by non other than the British Empire themselves? Even the Headquarters is in London, what does that tell you?

It's like the British Empire saying, "Oops, sorry we've buggered you people, let us hold hands now, how's your ass, still hurt? Oh let us let bygone be bygone and let the bugger and the buggered form a new club. Let's call it the Commonwealth" . Nothing common about the wealth though is there? Seems like that the only wealthy one in the lot is Britain, and of course we know where all that wealth come from don't we?

Then the British Empire seeped through the United States of America insidiously. If you have the patience and the curiosity, do click on the video below and take a good listen; This will give you a better understanding of the things to come.

In case anyone doubted the role of Zionists in all this, HERE is something for you to ponder on. I must emphasize that when I say “Zionists”, it does not completely and automatically mean “Jews”. There are Christian as well as “Jewish” Zionists. In fact, if you were to peruse the history of Palestine way back when they were known as the land of Canaan, (do click HERE part 1, HERE part 2, HERE part 3 , the Finale phew!! to find out. The link was courtesy of Walski, thank you Walski), you may be amused to the fact that the two parties fighting for that piece of land are basically those who have nothing to do with it when it was still known as Canaan.

As for the Zionists, well, as much as they’d like to claim that they are the pure keeper of Judaism and the fight for the promise land is what this is all about, they’re not. They are, in fact, not the people who originated from that land either. They were fraction of Serbs ( then under the Soviet Union) who embraced “Judaism”, a new sect of the original "way of living guided by their covenant with God" embraced by the actual Jews. In short, the "Jews" that are active in the Zionist movement are those who are Jews by convert, not by bloodline.

The actual Jews, like Albert Einstein(yes, yes, the guy who everyone wants to study his brains, but not his hair style) for instance was uncomfortable with the thought of zionism and their struggle to attain the alleged "Promised Land". I wonder which part of the promise that Abraham allegedly made that comprises of the command to kill others in order to get this so called "Promised Land".

In fact, Einstein, a Jew himself, had written to New York Times, pointing out their worries pertaining to the new emerging Zionist movement back in 1948. Here's the letter. The "Jews" who are active in the zionist movement are those originating from Khazar. Read the history of how the Khazars, originating from Khazaria embraced Judaism.

More on the root of "Zionists", and the plan of the Shadow Government when you click on the rabbit hole...

Today, they are referred to as Ashkenazim Jews. In fact, Chaim Wiezmann, the first President of Israel, and many Zionist leaders come form this Khazar lineage. Khazars are the lineal ancestors of Eastern European Jewry and it is a historical fact acknowledged by Jewish historians and religious textbooks as well. (Lilienthal, page 168 citing Heinrich Graetz,History of Jews and S.M. Dubnow, HIstory of Jews in Russia and Polland.)

Let's go back to the 9/11 event. There are many books out there that try to uncover the story behind 9/11 attack. A good book, explaining in detail why and how 9/11 is the job of a certain shadow power in which he termed as the AngloAmerican oligarchy would be one by Webster Griffin Tarpley in his "9-11: Synthetic Terror Made in USA" . You can either buy the book available here in Malaysia, or be a cheapskate and download it HERE.

Matthias Chang, former political advisor to Tun Mahathir and currently the advisor of the Iranian government wrote "Future Fast Forward" , which tallies with Tarpley's "conspiracy theory", in proving the existence of the Shadow Government/Oligarchy but Chang had taken it to the next level by detecting the Zionists as part of this shadow government. You'd be naive to think otherwise. Do read his book to learn how well he had connected these incidences. A brief outlook would be clicking onto Zionist influence on The US War Machine

For those who are wondering, what have 9/11 got to do with the "New World Order"? Well, let's put it this way. The world is run by a shadow government who's ultimate goal is to run the whole world, world domination. In order to do this, they have to be very powerful and controls basically almost everything. How do an organization do this? Simple, get more money to buy more power. That gained superpower will be used to gain more money and the vicious cycle resumes. Basically, the world is run by an organized crime. The same people who killed JFK. Another good book to read up on this would be "Final Judgement" by Michael Collins Piper. This book implied the Mossad, as the instigator behind the assassination.

After the defeat and the crushing down of the Communist block, Russia, these goons need money to sustain their lifestyle. So they needed new customer to buy their arms. Prescot Bush, grandfather of the Bush of the moron kind, was an establish arms dealer just in case you don't know. How did you think they became the rich tycoon ? That is why Bush Jr, can afford to remain an imbecile and spend most of his time playing golf instead of actually working in the office. Pointless to waste time in an office that can run on autopilot right?

Why did you think US went to war in Iraq. They were not concern about Sadam Hussain being a tyrant, they helped sponsor his atrocities back in Halabja by supplying him the chemical for that chemical warfare he had conducted. Both Bush Sr and Jr are members of the secret society "Skull and Bones". Hmm..that answers a lot about the mystery of Bush Jr....anyone who'd think skull and bones is the cooler name for a club, obviously did not think that the brains are important.

They needed to attack Iraq as part of the agenda to conquer the Arab world. Control the Arabs, you get the Oil. How do they get the American people to agree to go to war is by invoking a scene whereby they will think that their sovereign was under attack. They have to do it in American soil, in order to gain Allied back up, it is part of the deal of the Allies.

After the Russians were down, the oligarchies needed to create further income and what better way for arms dealer to generate income other than from war, and what better market to create a long term sustain market than the egoistic hardheaded megalomaniac Arabs eh? Those canggih arms need to be used and sold right. But alas! No more enemies to sell them to. Or so it seems.

"Terrorism" was created in order to create the excuse for preemptive war. Stop to think again. What constitute "terror" in an act whereby the US attacked and invaded Iraq on basis of "war against terrorism". It's unjustified to attack Iraq when the alleged culprit and architect of 9-11 is sitting somewhere in the caves of Afghanistan. The same Osama bin Ladin trained by the CIA to get the Russians out of Afghanistan. I find it ironic that the US can come up with super canggih gadgets to help detect temperature change, yet are unable to locate Osama sodding ladin. Or, are they trying at all? I mean, why bother with Osama when his very existence is a guarantee to the continuation and prolongation of "War on Terrorism".

The Arabs, sadly, made all this possible by keeping their balls in the pants, afraid that their love tool would be injured and that in turn will jeopardize their mega plan to propagate forth via polygamy. They are unable to unite and go against the real terrorists, instead help the actual terrorists rape innocent people instead, be it in a harlot or non harlot sense of it. It amuses me that all these Religionists cannot rise to the occasion when they needed to, Palestinians excluded. If only there is a viagra to aid the standing up to the occasion of fighting for what is right, in the name of Islam. The Arab elites are bought over by the oligarchies and the common people are left to suffer as a consequence. The ulama' were too busy guarding their own periuk nasi and formulating fartwas of trivial proportion and can't see 2 feet away towards the future of Islam. p/s and these are the jokers the Muslims in Malaysia look up to.

All these dumb Arabs could have done was to ignore the useless paper money of USD, at least for temporary measures until a long term plan is thought of. Turning their backs on USD and opting to trade oil in Euro would have sufficiently screwed the oligarchies, at least retard them on their track. But they do not have the balls to do so. They did have the plan to turn to Euro. If anything, the invasion of Iraq was a warning for them to change their minds. And that is why I say the Arabs leaders only have balls to procreate more imbecilic prototype. My suspicion is that the Arab elites have long been bought by the oligarchies....

How can the Muslim world unite, when they cannot agree on what constitutes "Islam" and go to war against each other in the name of that ill-defined "Islam". I give you Iran-Iraq war whereby the Muslim kills Muslims, both parties sponsored by the oligarchies...enough said?

So, considering all the reasons in the eyes of the greedy money making oligarchies to invade Iraq, I don't see why they won't.

"Theory of food scarcity", Peak Oil theory, 9/11, Climategate, are just the "jalankerja" in this crooked mathematics that will ultimately sum up to one and one result...THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

For those of you who is wondering what the hell is a New World Order, here's the "New World Order for Dummies"...take a listen.

And the video I posted below contains part of Lyndon LaRouche's speech in regards to the "New World Order". You can indulge in his 1 hours long speech HERE if you wish to.

Shadow government is like Tuberculosis. You have to have a very high index of suspicion to be able to detect them. Otherwise, just like TB, they will insidiously consume us. That is why another name for TB is "consumption".

As for us Malaysian, I'm no big fan of any politician in particular. As far as I'm concern, "All politicians are arshloch until/unless proven otherwise". But here's something that we should ponder. Any politicians who favors IMF, the bait use to enslave poor nations, have to be scrutinized.....the best way to avoid TB, is by not getting into contact with it....and to kill it before it kills us.....
(Rabbit hole ends here)
...Click here to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes.....


Jahamy said...


I am familiar with what you have written and actually almost met with Lydon La Rouche's group long time ago.

As you say, this has been going on for many years. Malangnya, the masses will never know and if some know it, they are just too few to make an impact (?).

In fact I am of the view that the entire "systems" of economics, politics, governance, etc all are pre designed to entrench those "very few" and to make it more difficult for the masses to undo the superstructure. This is why I believe any change must be fundamental and address its roots. IN others word, lot of uprooting is in order! Possible???

Well..we'll see.


ummi said...

Depa ni tak baca, Shari. Just like those yang dok create the big hoo haa about "Allah", maybe on different sides of the fence. Or they are just doing it because they are just waiting for an opportunity to pounce on Tun.

p/s baru baca part kat ataih tu. Afterwards I read the rest, na.

Planet of the Monyets said...

never, never, never speak about Einstein's hair !

PahNur said...

Spot on. These people are playing God, except their "rububiyat" causes the destruction of humanity.
Hope we can all make that change, little as they may seem. After all, in Ar Raad,verse 11, god said "Allah does not change a people's lot unless they change what is in their hearts."...Here's to change, but not the Obama style....

Ummi,they say "ignorance is bliss". Well, that depends on our definition of "living".

Planet of the Monyets, Einstein's hair depicts his brain, wild and free ....hence the genius-ity....


Most of M'sians are super ignorant,easily been fooled by ulamaks n politicians. They just don't get the bigger picture.

Playing god has becomes a norm in these days.

Forget the Arabs,they're in a sorry state.

New World Order?? Have no worries, it is a sure thing.

dylan said...

Good post. Makes me wonder about who in Malaysia has been bought by the US/global corporatacy... For all his faults, Dr M doesn't seem to be one. I would say that his greatest contribution to the nation was to tell IMF to go fly kite!

On the other hand, this tussle for control of resources does happen at all levels, doesn't it? I mean, look at the oil royalty issue...