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Friday, 27 February 2009

It was Garfield who got it right.....Diet is "Die" with a "T"

I bumped into this article while scouting for what's new with Obama, new chopper? New boxers? What's the second screw up? ( the first for his life was bothering to run for presidency knowing he'd inherit a load of dung from Washington. Hmm....maybe that is why "they" ALLOWED the first black guy to become president..after "they" made sure every single thing is totally messed up. By "they" it could mean the KKK or any white supremacist). It's everyone's but my favorite to loose weight (there is no studies on how to put on weight...I'm a victim of society's negligence). The article is titled, go ahead and click on the link to read the article,
"Low fat? Low carbs? Answering best diet questions? "

My favorite line is this "After two years of monitoring the participants, "all the diets were winners," said study co-author Dr. Frank Sacks, a professor of cardiovascular disease prevention at the Harvard School of Public Health. "All produced weight loss and improvements in lipids, reduction in insulin." Two come up with a conclusion of "all diets were winners", something my grandmother who do not know what carbohydrate and cholestrol can tell in between her two tight slaps when she caught us with the third donut in our mouths.

If you are into dieting, and have the extra time to indulge in some articles regarding fad diets, here are some of the updated links.
(this post unravels by clicking below)

Comparison of Zone, Atkins, Ornish and LEARN diet in overweight premenopausal women; although my speculation of choosing premenopausal women is that no one is interested in how men look like, as long as their pockets are as equally fat, women on the other hand, are almost always (always is a strong word) in competition to outlook each other to go after the minority men, a fact that I find amusing and amusingly contradictary to what we preach, since we insist we are smarter than men. The most likely scientific reason, as much as I'd like to insist that my reasoning is it, is that premenopausal women have low metabolic rate as compared to the younger market. If you can get the women, at the beginning of their end, to loose weight, the rest is a piece of cake.

Then there's Zone, Ornish, or LEARN—which diet kept weight off? A study done in June2007 that compared the four major diet programs and the result, similar to that done on premenopausal women, is Atkin's Diet came out shining. Apparently, Atkin's diet lowers the LDL (low density lipoprotein) a.k.a "the bad cholestrol" , although it doesn't raise the HDL (high density lipoprotein) a.k.a. "the good cholestrol" (the world is always full of the evil trying to outsmart the good - maybe someone should make a movie based on this...Super HDL to the rescueeeeeeee). And just as the Atkin's team were about to pop out the champaign to celebrate, come November 2007, this came by Atkin diet may cause damage to blood vessels.
Ouch!! From Hero to Zero....until a new research emerges and walla! Back to a Hero.

My conclusion? Well, firstly, Garfield may be fat and lazy, but he was on top of his game when he said "Diet" is "Die" with a "T". Secondly, there is no short cut in life, although you would like to think there is. It's like that second (or was it third ) Newton Law that says, "Every action has a reaction". I think it's the third. You cannot stuff yourself with detrimental-for-health-food stuff , or eat anything in excess and expect a healthy outcome.

Having said all this about dieting, one has to exercise to ensure good health. I know, it's no wonder people prefer to run to the bomoh, because these flers always, I mean, almost always blame the "unknown" for every single disease known to men. That was how the term "etiology unknown" came about in modern medicine I reckon. Another word when they say the cause of a particular disease is "idiopathic", it simply means "the doctors are idiots, the patients, pathetic" (bear my dry medical jokes please)

I was on my way out of the clinic, after hours of course, clad in my exercising gear when my patient remarked, "You are like this and you go jogging?!!!", and I looked at her, smiled and replied, "it's because I exercise all my life that I get to look like this"....and I left, leaving her with this expression of deep ponder...It's either she's too slow to get it, or I'm to fast headed out of my clinic, before I get stuck with more questions!!

Throughout my experience, the only way to stay healthy is to set this simple fact in your minds: "Exercise and good food, are not bothered what you do for a living, rather, if you DO them(as in do the exercise and good food) for a good healthy living. " It's not what you do for a week or two to fit into that particular new and lovely evening gown that you've decided to buy anyway despite the store not having your size, but it is a lifestyle in need of incorporation (and copulation, since sexercise gets the job done too).

Just as you need to work, shop, to sleep, to "main pee pee" or MAINPP ( terminology borrowed from Walski ), or whatever not, you need to look for time to exercise while you take good care of what you put into you orally (and by orally, this also includes other meaty stuff that bears debilitating diseases, unless of course if you're a non HIV partner, putting your HIV infected partner into you, orally.---Oh! Just click here to unblurr the blurred!!). Once we get this simple bit of information sunk in the deepest corner of our gray matter, the rest of it follows through easily and naturally.

How should one eat? I tend to comply to the Glycemic Index/Load theory. Basically, it is the gist of Atkin's Diet,(of course they will not reveal this because, they can't make money otherwise) .

Don't get intimidated with all that "blah..blahs". The concept is actually quite simple. Carbohydrate increases the release of Insulin into the system in order to "carry" the end product of carbohydrate digestion, which is glucose, for the blood stream into the cells. Incidentally, insulin is also responsible for the absorption of fats into cell, ergo, less carbohydrate,(from what grouped as "good carbohydrates") means less insulin hence less fat absorption. Furthermore, less calories obtained from low carbohydrate. The moderate carbohydrate, for example Basmati and Brown rice, pasta, takes longer to digest and have less glycemic index, meaning the glucose is released in slow bouts instead of the sudden surge as in the bad carbohydrate. Furthermore, a sustain abuse from the consistent high demand of insulin is the root cause of diabetes type 2 (acquired diabetes - you know, the one that you didn't get from your mama but you seem to be the first in your family lineage to procreate the diabetic gene by the body abuse using carbos?...yeah..that one...). There are books on this, and one I found useful is GI feel Good, Health and weight loss, by John Ratcliffe. ( I know, instantly the kids would think this is Harry Porters diet program).

Another way of eating that I find more challenging to comply is the Food Combination theory, or better known as the Hay Diet. I suspect that it is by far the least favored diet, perhaps due to the name "Hay" that gives one the perception of "eating hay all day" (hey, that rhymes!!).

A simple take home message. Diet should mean concentrating on getting good health. If you concentrate in attaining good health, the side effect of this is normally an impending good figure...(unless you have medical problems of course - fat does not always mean lazy). Remember, diet is not NOT eating, THAT is "Die" with a "T". Diet is merely eating smart to attain health benefit.
...Click here to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes.....


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