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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Victim of phone scam.....and you thought it'll never happen to you.

Some monkey thought that he's going to get away with scamming me....ME!!....boy he doesn't know what he's gotten himself into. If you're wondering what on earth I'm talking about, well, let me tell you then. I am a victim of mobile phone scam. can laugh on, until it happens to you.

They must have used the photocopy of my IC which I had to surrender when applying for my second prepaid line. In case you're wondering why a second line, well, it's for my patients who think they can bug me after my duty with calls to confirm their fungal infection and other non emergency situations. Hey, I'm dedicated but I'm dedicated only within the time I'm paid to be dedicated. A gals got to have time to unwind, for god's sakes!!

Anyway, why prepaid? So that I can use the excuse of "Oh gee....your problem needs more explanation and I've run out of credit". Well, I can't be the cheapskate, since I'm giving consultation for free over the phone right? The least these patients can do is pay for the damn phone.

Well, back to the story line, I received a phone bill from U Mobile. The first phone bill was thought to be a mistake since it had my name written on it, but the address was not exactly correct. Then the second bill came, and the amount went up. Hmm..I thought to myself. This can't be right.
To cut the story short, and everyone knows how long my story can get, it turned out that someone had used my IC and forged my signature to obtain a line. Since there is no signature on the IC, then one can just forge a signature and submit the "application" form. Obviously it doesn't take Stephan Hawking to figure out it's an inside job.

I managed to trace the company that submitted the form to U Mobile, and I find it very dodgy that the company is in Sungai Buluh, (where the only work I have done there is Plant Shopping and oh, I manage to contract dengue from Nursery who's keeper was a drunkard - I got good bargain but obviously he was never sober to take care of the pool of water ideal for Aedes breeding-, but that is another story. Hmm..lot's of weird thing happened in Sg Buluh. ) have got no contact number on the U Mobile system.

And the best part of it all, which brings me to the third answer to "why prepaid?", is that I'm black listed for postpaid line. How on earth did U Mobile managed to approve my application!!!! Obviously there's some joker on the inside as well....Did I just tell everyone I'm blacklisted in post paid line? Oh heck!! It's a matter of principals and it's a long story. But principals do not stand when the service provider have got no ethics in running the "establishment", but again, that is another story. Hey I'm an Aries, I'm suppose to be obstinate. The least they could do, ( I was hoping they drag me to court), was to black list me.....chicken!!!

Apparently my case is being investigated by the Fraud Department of U Mobile. Obviously I'm going to do more than just buy plants the next time I make a trip to Sg Buloh. I have the address of the company that submitted the application, and I'm sure as hell going to try to track down this amateur criminal, give him two tight slaps, assuming the culprit is still working there and they have a record of who submitted the application form (which I doubt very much, since they can't even submit their phone number to U Mobile).

There are lessons to be learned here.....
1. Careful with your IC photocopy , even so, shit happens...because the system sucks
2. There is a blessing in disguise to be blacklisted in phone companies. It's like you have protection against fraud resulting from the lack of security in phone company system. So the next step is to get blacklisted in banks so that you won't be tempted to apply for loans...he..he..okay..this one is lame..
3. There is no justice in this world, that is why there's God to make sure justice is served. Beware the people responsible for ISA...
4. Don't buy plants from drunkard nursery care takers....
...Click here to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes.....


taxy said...

I think you were a victim of identity theft, not a phone scam. If there was a good reason to file a police report, this would be it, don't you think?

5. The police ain't gonna do anything helpful anyway, but if you're bored, go and experience it so you can blog about it. :)

pah nur said...

Exactly my plan monsieur.....I shall put my vcam to soon as i have the free time...arghhh!!!!