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Monday, 9 February 2009

Long live Comedy!!!

Whilst the rest of the world is trying to stay afloat in the sea of recession, Malaysians are swimming in another kind of pool, which the political roller coaster that had derailed off track had ended up in, a pool of dung, adjacent to it.

Honestly, what is there needed to be said, that not have been said already. Everyone is "jeluak" or "meluat" with the current situation. NO, I'm not talking about Mawi, although, it is my view that he should give up his day job and try his luck in politics, he may end up like Schwarzenegger, the current governor of Carlifornia (land famous for carlifornication), since he can't sing, dance nor look all that good to be THAT popular. I'm talking about something less bewildering..... the Perak delinquency.

Apparently, party hopping is legal in our constitution, true. But it doesn't make it right. It's like, well, getting rich by way of illegallities. Of course I'm naive and idealistic, (albeit sometimes naive children are the ones who can see things at it's basic form...) but if being smart and realistic brings one to point of immorality, what good does that serve mankind? Is that what we want? To become what we detest and oppose? Why did we fight the incumbent government? Because they are corrupted with immoralities. If we do whatever it takes to win, regardless of compromising our morals, then what does that make us? Exactly. No better than what we fight against. Isn't that pointless? Winning does not mean victory. If we want to do something, do it with integrity, so that even our foe would respect us, whether quietly or not.

I'm sure even by now, Mak Semah from Kampung Jin Bertendang would have seen this video I've posted below, playing over and over in the media, to the delight of the incumbent government. I'm talking about the video on Karpal Singh's outpour regarding the comedy sitcom going on in Perak. For those of you who have not seen it, go ahead and have a listen.

Truth is, I tend to agree with Karpal in view of the moral aspect of the matter. To me, hopping parties is ridiculous and immoral. It's simple. A Menteri represents the sentiments of voters who got him to that position. What makes the Menteri thinks that it is okay for him to defect to another party, when that clearly becomes a misrepresentation of the voters. Have they forgotten this simple basic common sense?

As for the The Sultan of Perak, I'm surprised a former Federal Judge himself had put aside the sentiments of rakyat instead, substituted whoever he wishes to fill in the Menteri Besar, who was outsted because he refuse to dissolve the State Assembly later hold a bielection, which, clearly is the right thing to do. Further more, it turned out to be someone from BN, if this doesn't smell like rotten fish, I don't know what else to call it. Truly, the Sultan had let down the rakyat by his actions. He is, after all, supposedly to be the role model. Alas!!! This is the real world and reality bites, even though it shouldn't.

Where does this leave us with? A joke. That is what it is. Like that series "Senario", where there's a lot of slapsticks involved, cheap comedy. Honest to god, I wonder these people look at themselves in the mirror.

As for Anwar, only time will prove his rhetorics......As for the Malays who protested against Karpal to the call for the bringing the Sultan to the court of "justice", well, what do you expect them to say from people who believe in "Sawa Matang supremacy" a.k.a. ketuanan Melayu? Hang Tuah killed his loyal best friend for the Sultan who basically fucked his ass, and that made him a hero, what more can anyone say?

As for the rest of us, we should all hail the Sultan, "Daulat Tuanku, liwat duburku" .....because that is what we Malays do, we are polite people and we even say thank you to those who grease our anal cavity with sand paper....even more so if it is our king, who by the way, gets paid from a portion of the tax payers' money....remember those taxpayers who sit a long time in the traffic jam on the way to work and back home, working their ass off and hardly get to see the light of day? I swear by god, when these politicians quit, comedy will be deceased. But I suspect I will be laughing till my deathbed, while simultaneously clutching my chest from myocardial infarction if I were to watch the local news....

Thought I'd leave you with this song to hum along to help us through this drama. Can't find the proper video, as Timbaland have not made one yet.....

Oh well, here's the lyric, them nigger sound angry most of the time, they almost sound uncomprehensible when they sing....perhaps choking with all that anger...

Get Out, You Can't Be In Here, You Have To Get Out.
I Implore You, Please?.. Please?..
You All Going To Die Down Here...

It's Life Or Death, Either One,
The King Is Back, Take Heat And Run,
I Piss And Take A Shit On Ur Beef For Fun,
I Killed
The game, I Aint Even Used A Gun,
Who Better Than Me? Don't Make Me Laugh,
I Run This Shit,They Just Chase My Ass,
I Aint Talkin Shit Nigga, Just Tellin The Facts,
I Think All The Tracks Im Hearin
From Niggas Is Whack,
I Be Hearin These Niggas,
What They Say In They Rhymes,
I Took My Spot Nobody Gave Me Mine,
I Make The Beats That Boom Boom
Boom! In They Trunks,
U Disagree Homie Then Go On And Jump,
U Can Bump Ur Gum,
U Can Say What U Want,
Thats All U Gon Do Cuz Yall Niggas Is Punks,
Im Number One, U Aint Nuthin' But Shit,
When They Need A Hit Im Who They Gon' And Get,
Talk To Me...

If You Got Love For Me I Got Love For You,
If You Wont Fuck Wit Me I Wont Fuck Wichu,
We Can Do It Howeva U Wanna Do,
Nigga If U Dont Fuck Wit Me I Wont Fuck Wit U,
Gon' Head
Kill Yourself Kill Yourself Kill Yourself
Go Kill Yourself,
Kill Your Self Kill Yourself,
If I Was You I Would kill Myself,
Go Kill Your Self Kill Your Self
Kill Your Self Go Kill Yourself,
Kill Your Self Kill Your Self
If I Was You I Would kill Myself,

Im Tired Of Niggas, Niggas Is Tired,
U Aint A G, I See Bitch In Ur Eyes,
If U Close To Me, U Suposed To Be,
But Most Of U Rap Niggas Is Hoes To Me,
Wherever U From, The Question I Ask,
Is Do U Think I Give A Fuck, Riddle Me That,
Cuz In My Hood And you jump into hell And Back,
This industry Shit, To Hell Wit That,
I Seen Em Come, I Seen Em Go,
I Doubt If U Can Show Me Sum'in I Aint Seen Before,
Who Suposed To Be In Charge? I Need To Know,
When I Shake Ur Hand Ima Step On Ur Toe,
Go Getcha Gun, Go Getcha Click,
Imma Be Rite Here Chillin Wit Yo Bitch,
U Mad At Me? Cuz Im Gettin Rich,
Well Put The Pistol To Ur Head And
Empty The Clip, Pop Nigga!

See My Heart, Feel My Pain
Some Of Dese Stars, Some Is Lames,
How They Follow Little Trends To Get They Fame,
I Aint Snappin My Damn Fingers To Get In The Game,
U Claim U Rich, Show Me Son,
If U Got So Many Dollas Then Loan Me One,
Fools Think They Killas They Own A Gun,
When U No U Bout As Sweet As A Honey Bun,
Trash Ur Broads, Behind A Bar,
Like U Dat Dude Frontin Hard,
Vip Bands Dont Make U A Star,
Like We Really Still Dont No Who The Fuck U Are,
Dont Talk Behind My Back Just Call Me Nigga,
Move My Heart To The Side
Make Room To Forgive Ya
If U Still Wanna Hang, We'll Come To Get Ya,
Put The Rope Around Ur Neck And Jump My Nigga!

Your All Going To Die Down Here...
Get Out Get Out You Cant Be In Here...
You're All Going To Die Down Here..

Long live comedy!!!
...Click here to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes.....


taxy said...

I wonder how the "Pendidikan Moral" syllabus will be revamped? Perhaps just before our national shuttlers are to represent us to the next Olympics, they should just all defect to Singapore. Kakakakaka!

pah nur said...

LOL !! Good one. Perhaps only then the act immorality, although not against the law, would drill through their thick skull to finally reach their walnut brains....if one can call that teeny lump of neurons, that.....