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Wednesday, 13 June 2007

The First Urine

I saw an interesting patient today. She had conjunctivitis (sakit mata laaa..). I learned something amazingly new, from her, something modern medicine have yet to prove. She claimed that her parents insisted that smearing the first urine over the effected eyes will just about cure the red eyes. Hmhhh....Amazing. Maybe that is why the older generation do not get sore eyes. Or maybe they do, but they don't bother seeking medical treatment, hence, no data for statistics to show they have suffered such conditions. It's just like when I ask a patient if they have hypertension or diabetes etc. I am smarter now to ask if they actually bother to check with any doctor. And when I get "no" for an answer, I'd bombard them with my standard question, one I'd utter even if I sleepwalked and came to work, "Kalau pak cik tak periksa, macamana pak cik tau pak cik tak dak kencing manis atau darah tinggi?...

We Malaysians are very fond of believing the unbelievably illogical non logic myth (the redundant sentence is created on purpose to reiterate my exaggeration to the matter). Stop and think for a second. Had the body needed the excess urea in the body, why bother urinate it in the first place?

Once I had a lady who came in with complaint of feeling bloatedness, and insisted that she, "kena buatan orang", and her tummy felt "keras". I examined her bloated tummy,indeed, it was "keras" then tested her urine and came to a diagnosis, "Kak, kak memang kena buatan orang kak....kak mengandung 5 bulan"....(I love my sense of humour...the kakak on the other hand, was not too amused, she was 48 years old )

Why oh why! Why do people like to think that every all unexplained conditions are related to the supernatural? Is it because, they like to take short cuts in the thinking process? Blamimg the unknown is more convenient rather than having to understand how smoking could actually cause our blood to thicken hence the blood clot hence the heart attack or stroke.

When we get lost in the jungle, people always say that it would most likely be due to the "other being's deception". Even if there are other "beings" , I think they have got better things to do, than to mislead people in the jungle. Whatever for? Turn us all into their slaves? Could it be that most of us go into the jungle with non proper attire, leading to hypothermia, hence impaired judgment leading to us making the wrong turn in the jungle? Think about it...I know because my experience in jungle tracking in Irau, almost cost us a few lives, because the boys who went up tracking wore singlets, trying to show off their arm muscles (most people with small brains, show off their muscles to i was told...) , and it rained. They were blue halfway down back to the camp. Thank god for my aluminium blanket, which came in handy to keep them warm ( I would have kept the blanket had the victims of cold weather looked like George Clooney though....insist on body to body heat transmission ). Hypothermia vs Orang Bunian...hmmm...Poor orang bunian, blamed for the offence they've never committed...

I know why. Our society lack the habit of reading. We are comfortable with being ignorant about many issues. "what we don't know won't hurt us". "Ignorance is bliss". Well, if we're talking about not knowing our husband is doing FRCS
( means "Fellowship Royal College or Surgeon" to the doctors, and it can be "F....king Round Country Side" too...) , then I guess, ignorance is bliss. But for most cases, we need to adapt to the Mafias' "go to the matress" attitude, err, in the non prostitute sense of it ). It simply means, kill the problem before the problem kills you. How do we do that? By knowing. How can anyone know anything? By experience, learning through reading.

" He who knows not and knows not he knows not,
- he is a fool; shun him,
He who knows not and knows he knows not,
- he is child; teach him,
He who knows and knows not he knows;
- he is asleep; wake him
He who knows and knows he knows;
- he is wise; follow him "


Hazidi said...

about urine. Did you know that in ancient Europe (the Vikings, Saxons etc) they used boiled down cow's urine as antiseptic for cuts and skin infections and other external infections. I think its the ammonia in the urine or the uric acid etc. So maybe the idea of using urine is not so far fetched after all. Moreover, urine is sterile until it interacts with surroundings. That's why they use the first urine.

pah nur said...

Urine contains large amounts of urea, an excellent source of nitrogen for plants. As such it is a useful accelerator for compost. Urea is 10,000 times less toxic than ammonia and is formed by the combination of the byproducts of deamination (2 NH3 molecules) and cellular respiration (1 CO2 molecule). Other components include various inorganic salts such as sodium chloride (the discharge of sodium through human urine is known as natriuresis).
Aztec physicians used urine to clean external wounds to prevent infection, and administered it as a drink to relieve stomach and intestine problems
The Aztecs is a term used for certain Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican peoples of Central America. Sometimes it refers exclusively to the Mexica people, founders of the island city Tenochtitlan.
Urine has also been historically used as an antiseptic. In times of war, when other antiseptics were unavailable, urine, the darker the better, was utilized on open wounds to kill bacteria.

By god you may be right Hazidi San !!!!!
Having quoted all of the above,however, one must remember, urine can contain sugar in diabetes patient. Urine in bladder too, can get infected with Escherichia coli, a kind of bacteria most commonly causing urinary tract infection. I have not found medical evidence backing the antiseptic properties of urine....yet....But if anyone are willing to give your eyes a drop of first urine, tell me if it works. Otherwise, I suggest you check for diabetes....but wait..maybe they boil the urine first to get a concentrated ingredient, because certain concentration of elements can give the suitable antiseptic properties...for example sugar (concentrated amount is used to treat septic recalcitrant wounds post surgical amongst diabetics )...Well then, try boiling your first urine then drop it over the sore eyes, call me the next morning if it works. Good luck trying!!!

nevenka said...

and it is more to urin...i am no doctor but I heard the morning urin contains vitamins and proteins...of course; a healthy soul in a helsthy body (said Greeks) and here we have; healthy urine from a healthy body...hey I like this blog....go on pretty lady doctor, go on...