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Saturday, 9 June 2007

Islam and Muslims in today's world, a comment by Tony Blair

It was one of those cool mornings that looked like it was going to last all afternoon. I was sitting in the clinic reading The Straits Times, feeling rather smug that I got to do all this on the time I was getting paid RM30 an hour. On the section of Saturday Forum, there, feasted upon my sleepy eyes, an article written by non other then the retiring Prime Minister of Britian, Tony Blair. The article touched me and I thought I'd share some points with you. I suppose, the Iraq Occupation had taught many people , eye opening lessons.

Some of the extracts goes,

" When I have met groups of Muslims, especially younger ones, of course the normal issues about foreign policy arise. But the predominant complaint is about how they believe their true faith is constantly hijacked and subverted by small, unrepresentative groups who get disporportionately large amounts of publicity.
It is the way of the modern media world that what counts is impact.
I ask people to listen to the distinguished scholars and religious leaders - the authentic voices of Islam.
The voices of extremism are no more representative of Islam than the use, in times gone by, of torture to force conversion to Christianity represents the true teaching of Christ.
In doing this, there is another purpose: to reclaim from extremists, of whatever faith, the true essence of religious belief.

.............................The problem between faiths and communities, as too often in life and in politics, is not where there is disagreement about decisions: but where there is misunderstanding about motives. .............
.........But the point is this: the need to explain to the world: Islam's common roots with Judaism and Christianity, how it began, how it developed, how far removed it is, from the crude and warped distortion of the extremists. Where there is ignorance, there is distrust, and sometimes hatred. Understanding is a great healer.
It is hot about gevernments lecturing the Muslim world, or our Muslim communities. It is rather time to take the opportunity to listen: to hear Islam's true voice: to welcome and appreciate all those who believe in a world where religious faith is respected because faiths respect each other as well as those of no faith: and are prepared in holding to their own truth, not to disrespect the truth clear to others "

Coming from someone who is partly responsible for the Iraq Occupation, I feel that he sincerely have learned a lesson from the decision he made in Iraq, of which he claim to have been made in the best interest of Great Britian. The Muslims too, must learn from this whole ordeal. We have to look within ourselves, where have we gone wrong. It takes two to tango.
They say that history repeats itself. In the case of Iraq, it is a deja vous to the "100years war between Christians and Muslims"...Using force against Islam will give rise to more terrorism,in retaliation to the instigating terrorism act, as clearly the invasion of Iraq is a form of consented terrorism. An eye for an eye..there will be no end to vendettas...I cannot help but wonder, how much wealth a certain party gets out of the arms sales, and of course, oil. It has never always been about religion when people go to war, it is almost always about the well hidden agenda that involves power and money, using Faith as an excuse. Any Faith, do not allow any form of destruction or oppression, in order to progress. Otherwise, why bother sending prophets to preach and teach love amongst humans. Just order the Prophets to gather an army, then invade and spread religion. History has proven over and over, that only the era after the Prophets, will there be such methods used, of course using religion as an excuse to feed human greed for power, money and territory. Greed, is religions' most worst enemy.

I feel that the war in Iraq unleashed men's greatest cruelty by both parties, as in any war. No other creature on earth have killed their own kind as bigger in magnitude as men have achieved.

There is no victory in any war but there are lessons to be learned. America and allies,with their bigotry and their own political agenda backed by the Jews lack the understanding of Islam. It was so obvious when one Bhai fella got shot in , was it carlifornia, I can't remember, because he was wearing a turban and was mistaken for a muslim. The Muslims on the other hand,are surprised by the number of extremists that exist. Politicians and idealists may think that sometimes, war is necessary, but I truly doubt that they may feel the same way had they themselves, or their siblings have to go to war. Prince Harry was forbidden to enter Iraqi soil despite vigorous training. Why is his life more valuable than the ordinary army going to war, or the lives of the civillians who died during the search for weapon of mass destruction?

I believe it is time for the all faiths to decipher the true meaning of religion, that they have the same intentions for the human species and that they require a lot of respect towards each other. At their roots,all religion to me, are the same. Had earnest practice of religion not been seperated from politics, in a process called sacularism, I feel, the world would probably be a better place and Earth would not have to witness men's cruelty. And by non sacular, I sincerely do not mean PAS. I think PAS have missed the whole point of a religion. I dare say that because if any leader could come up with a statement saying that women are raped because they use perfume and lipstick, they are simply victimizing the victims. No true leader will ever do that, even because of the lack of understanding.

Yes, for each war, there are lessons to be learned. But humans are absent minded creatures. We forget the lessons, making history lessons pointless. Maybe that is why history actually repeats itself.

I remember a strip from the cartoon "Calvin and Hobbes" . Calvin said," there are intelligent life forms out there somewhere in the universe. The reason why we have not sighted one yet is because they are far more intelligent,intelligent enough to avoid us"....


Hazidi said...

OK, what's wrong with the article? I don't see any problems? Oh err by the way, As i passed the Dataran Merdeka today, I met a buch of people, about 10,000 of them, who were lighting torches and shaptening various sharp argricultural implements while chanting, "Death to Pah Nor! Death to Pah NOr!" A minor event probably totally unrelated to your article but thought you might like to know.

pah nur said...

....dan Bendera Kebenaran telah ku kibarkan.....

nevenka said...

yeah, well religions...they are all good, but as far as I am concearned...I choose to be a person who has a religion...I don't want to be owned by a religion...God knows I don't