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Monday, 11 June 2007

The fun things Malaysians do

I found this online today. Long ago, I remember the left wingers at Uni protesting that Malaysia canes people for various offences, particularly drug related ones. Then when I spoke to various individuals in the community, I found that most of the people I spoke in the non-university community actually agreed with the move. Some said, "serves them right". For the most part, I realized that they had no idea, apart from vague descriptions, of what the caning process looks like. MUch less feels like. so here's a sample for those who would like a clearer idea. The guy in the picture was undergoing a ten year sentence with 20 strokes of the cane (said in the beginning).
Don't watch if you are squemish or don't feel inclined to.


pah nur said...

How can anyone punish drug addicts by caning? They are in dire need for councelling. Mad people don't know they are mad, so as people on drugs don't know how to get kick the habit. You don't cane people for being mad... Let's minimize the picture. Smokers. Basically they're addicts to the nicotine, only the nicotine does not cause much harm except addiction, yet it is the tar that gets the smokers, that and the thickening of the blood that makes a smoker susseptable to getting a blood clot,hence a heart attack or perhaps stroke. You cannot punish someone who need help and guidance from society.
There are clear guidelines in the Quran that requires caning as a form of punishment.That too,to be executed after proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Just like the law in cutting off someone's hand. Not every thief gets their hands chopped off. Society have to know the reason why he resolve into stealing. You cannot punish someone who steals just to survive from starvation.
The magnitude of punishment actually serve as an ultimate example in order to curb further occurrences of avoidable incidences of wrongdoings,that may cause innocent people unnecessary sufferings.

The issue arises regarding Islamic law, is not at its root, but rather the implementation by the people that execute the law, are they competent to do so?

mylias said...

I saw this in your blog, I just watched the beginning ........ and that was all. I knew what to expect. And I cannot stand such horrid 'torture' and I think its inhumane. How can we Malaysian allow such punishment to be meted out? Can't we suppress or animal feelings ........ after Merdeka for nearly 50 years now?